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Honolua Surf Co. Hosts Surfing Magazine's first screen room

July 18, 2006

“Twenty Years of Surfing” Debuts as First Show on Newly Launched Premium Video Content Channel

Honolua Surf Co. will sponsor 20 Years of Surfing, the premiere video presentation for Surfing Magazine’s newest web feature titled Screen Room. 20 Years of Surfing documents the evolution of surfing from 1964 to 1984 with five separate chapters to premier separately over a one month period.  Chapter one covers the early years when the style was cruise and glide. Chapter two covers the short board revolution the turbulent anti-establishment era. Successive episodes showcase the age of travel and new wave discovery, the birth of professional competition, and the radical developments in design, maneuvers and lifestyle.

“20 Years of Surfing is a great way for us to use web based marketing as a vehicle to convey the brand story, says Pat Fraley, Brand Director for Honolua Surf Co. “We felt the series was a good reflection of what the brand represents, which is to embrace all periods and types of surfing and celebrate surfing’s rich history and the watermen who helped turn it in to what it is today.”

A premium video content channel, Screen Room launches this month featuring videos from the top names in surf filmmaking, such as Taylor Steele, Herbie Fletcher, Josh Williams and Chad Campbell. The first episode, 20 Years of Surfing, has coverage of the fabled Hawaiian right point break Honolua Bay which was the genesis for Honolua Surf Company’s name and style.

“The history of surfing & Honolua Bay share many important episodes."
The age of discovery in the early sixties and its pilgrimages, the test track for huge changes in surfboard design, the Free Ride Sessions in the 70’s, etc. says Eric “E.D” Diamond, Honolua Surf’s Director of Design/Marketing. “Each generation leaves it’s footprint on this magical place, and it has played a great part of the surfing experience - and we are stoked to be doing this with Surfing Mag online.”

Screen Room joins a growing and active web content mix from Surfing Magazine that includes Light Box, Elimidude, SURFING Wallpaper and SURFING Music Player.