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Hestra Gloves Continues Development of International Team

August 28, 2006

Hestra Gloves Continues Development of International Team

August 2006—With outstanding athletes like Anja Parson, Dominique Perret, and Henrik Windstedt already devoted to Hestra, the international team was solid.  This year Hestra announced the addition of Seth Morrison and Anthony Boronowski, making it the finest team in Hestra’s history. 

Seth Morrison, 32, has been an active big-mountain skier since we all can remember.  He works with film companies such as TGR, Poor Boyz Productions, Warren Miller, and Matchstick Productions (just to name a few).  Morrison is pushing the limits when it comes to tight, fast lines and rips any couloir that comes in his path.  Morrison is an icon to many young athletes around the globe.  Being such a powerful source of inspiration to millions of skiers, Morrison is one world-class guy.  Welcome aboard.

“Hands down nothing compares” (Seth Morrison, June 2006, referencing the fit, comfort and performance of Hestra Gloves).

Anthony Boronowski, 24, is creating a new category of skiing.  He calls it “big mountain freestyle.”  He takes park features to the backcountry—allowing him to carry out tricks in a more natural setting.  Boronowski is progressing the sport of skiing to new levels with his unique style and fluid execution.  Not only does Boronowski execute on-hill, he runs a company called Joystick Skiing while attending university in Vancouver for his bachelor’s degree in Vancouver.

“Hestra's are the gloves that best serve my needs for fit and function in these always changing elements” (Anthony Boronowski, July 2006).

Hestra Gloves was formed in 1936 in Hestra, Sweden to provide gloves for lumberjacks who needed wear-resistant, durable gloves. Soon after that, as the sport of skiing became more popular, they turned their focus to creating gloves for warmth, and water resistance as well as durability. Hestra Gloves still designs and tests their gloves in Sweden.