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North Face Team Trip With Freeskier to Valle Nevado, Chile

September 11, 2006

North Face Team Trip With Freeskier to Valle Nevado, Chile

Ahh, the life of an athlete.  Perfect weather, great snow and everything else falls into place to effortlessly create the amazing photos and film segments that you see in catalogs, magazines and movies. It’s a carefree life that always involves first tracks and bluebird days. And you never sit around. Ever.

Yeah, right.

Want to know how a real magazine trip goes down?  Check things out here for exclusive dispatches from our team's trip with Freeskier to Valle Nevado, Chile, and get an inside look at the athletes, the photographers, the unreal skiing found in Valle Nevado AND the real scoop on what it's like to be a pro athlete.

The plan for the next two weeks is simple.  The team will tap into the Valle Nevado resort and all the goods inside the boundaries. There are windlips, drainages and all sorts of terrain features, and you can expect Sage and crew to charge.  They'll also be skiing some of the close-in backcountry.  This is easily accessible terrain just outside the ski area.  It ranges from serious funnels to craggy lines filled with mandatory airs.  Finally, they'll score some heli skiing.  First descents will be mandatory.

Check out their first dispatch.

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Stay tuned for more.  Never Stop Exploring,

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