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New Vice President For Northwave North America

September 12, 2006

New Vice President For Northwave North America

Northwave North America is proud to announce that it has a new Executive Vice President, EJ Riordan, for its snowboard division.  Riordan will be handling the snow side of the Seattle based subsidiary, for Northwave Boots, Drake Bindings, Bakoda Design Logic Accessories and Venue Snowboards. 

Previously a resident of Connecticut, EJ has moved to Pacific Northwest to make some good changes.  Before his current position at NNA, Riordan was the Business Unit Manager and National Sales manager at Select Licensing Group.  And, of course not new to the snow industry, EJ comes with prior experience and knowledge from his days at Dynastar, where he was the Business Operations Manager.   

As the new Executive Vice President, Riordan comes to NNA bringing fresh sales and positioning strategies to make sure the brand succeeds. When asked what challenges he faces in his new position and what he hopes to accomplish, Riordan says, “The Challenge lies in revitalizing Northwave’s original heritage as a specialized brand.  Northwave needs to not only regain market share in a way that respects dealer margin, but provide consumer driven products as well.  My goal is to meet those expectations while keeping the spirit of snowboarding true.”  Riordan is excited about facing those challenges and helping the brands grow in brand recognition and market share. 

The General Manager of Northwave S.R.L Italy, Andrea Pellizari says, “Our intent for the new executive change is to bring Northwave North America back to where it was… as a market and trend leader in the snowboard industry”.  Expect to see some exciting new changes from NNA this winter. We welcome EJ Riordan as the new Executive Vice President and part of the Northwave Crew.