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OGIO Snaps Up Patent For Zipperless Ball Pocket

October 3, 2006

OGIO Snaps Up Patent For Zipperless Ball Pocket

OGIO President David Wunderli today announced that the company has secured yet another patent for a bag component – this time for the company’s functional, popular Zipperless Ball Pocket (ZBP). In addition to the ZBP, OGIOhas been awarded patents in recent years for the Shling universal carrying system, the Woode organizing bag top, and the neoprene ball- delivery system called the Ball Silo.

The ZPB, featured on many of OGIO’s best-selling golf bags, utilizes hinge-free tension rods to provide one-handed access to a pocket’s contents. The simple motion of reaching into the pocket opens the compartment for instant access to balls, and then automatically snaps back into place when the hand is removed.

“We’re constantly looking to change the way people think about golf bags,” says Wunderli. “By streamlining the way golfers access and carry their gear, OGIO is creating a tool that is less of an ‘accessory’ and more of a performance advantage. We’re tremendously proud of adding the ZBP’s patent to our lineup.”

Currently, the ZPB can be found on OGIO’s Atlasstand bag, Vision (Shling-enabled)stand bag, as well as the Edgeand Gromstand bag models. (Check out OGIO's latest golf bag collections here.)

OGIO expects to receive patents in the near future for its interlocking handle system for duffel bags, and for the Torq stabilizing strap which can be found on most OGIO stand bags. The company has applied for additional patents in a variety of categories including golf bags, duffel bags, and luggage – all of which are pending.