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Head Wintersports Focuses On Retail Education With 3Point5

October 10, 2006

Head Wintersports Focuses On Retail Education With 3Point5

NORWALK, CT- To ensure consumers receive the most accurate and useful information when purchasing winter sports products, HEAD Wintersports is partnered with 3point5, an online product education program that teaches retailers and their sales force about a company’s history and product technology.

Sales staff at HEAD retail locations are directed to log onto, where they are taken through a series of interactive storyboards providing concise, but detailed information- beginning at the creation of the company and ending with how HEAD’s Intelligence Chip System affects a skiers ability on the trails.  Along the way, test takers will encounter fun facts, such as founder Howard Head’s lack of talent on the slopes.   After spending time reviewing the information, the next step is an online quiz to test, not only information retention, but also reaction time. Each salesperson is timed and highest scores in the fastest time are posted to the site to encourage friendly competition and to be used as a bench mark for future scores.

There are three levels to the online training. Each level offers special discounts to employees passing. Additional incentives are also monthly prizes for the top ten users and a free trip at the end of the year to the top users. 

“3point5 has given us the ability to enhance the Head brand experience at the point of sale. Today’s retail environment requires the sales force to learn and focus on the key product features that help connect a consumer to our brand. Through 3point5 we have helped close the loop between the consumer, the retail shop employee and the Head Brand.” Mike Bisner, Director of Marketing. 

The 3point5 program is currently being administered in about 600 retail locations across the country.