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Surf Expo’s 5-O Attracts The Industry’s Movers And Skaters

October 30, 2006

Surf Expo’s 5-O Attracts The Industry’s Movers And Skaters

First off, we’d like to introduce you to the 5-O. Over the past few years, Skate has grown into its own mini-universe at Surf Expo, and we decided it deserved its own unique name. Now we’d like to tell you what’s been going on at the 5-O.

Skate Sales Manager and Pro rider Pete Kelly opens doors and pushes limits to support the manufacturers at every turn. His section is plump with a balanced mix of larger manufacturers intermingled with the smaller ‘core and aspiring new brands, all of whom benefit from this denser, deeper 5-O, a perfect microcosm of skateboarding’s tight community in the outside world. And the industry is taking notice. Doug Weston of Osiris shoes sounds off, “I’ve been bringing Osiris to Surf Expo for over 10 years and watched their commitment to skate grow. They've put a lot of effort in developing the skate section and the addition of Pete Kelly has really helped them focus on new and emerging brands. Surf Expo is a great asset in reaching our East Coast account base.”

Since the introduction of the mini-ramp contest three years ago, we’ve established a phenomenal formula: Start with Team Pain, the best in the business. Add SPoTlight Productions, who’ve got  contest formulation, management and production down to a science. Both have etched permanent marks in the industry, and are amongst the biggest influences in East Coast skateboarding. Now throw Volcom into the mix. Volcom. Volcom brings the mystery. The drama. The vibe. The hype. All these teams throwing it down together have quickly made this event one of skateboarding’s most anticipated.

For January, Volcom has kicked the prize up 10K to $35,000! Yes, $35 GRAND at the east coast trade show. Team Pain is going to grow the ramp to 80 feet. Yes, 80 feet. The mini-ramp contest gains momentum at each installment and is attracting tons of media attention and more pro competitors than ever, and the Am segment is just as popular with the super-supportive crowd. In January we’re even planning stadium seating so everyone can catch a glimpse.

Plus, after an awesome girls contest at our Monster Energy Wake N Bake Rail Jam, we called up Patty Segovia, founder of All Girl Skate Jam, to set up a session to close out the show on Sunday. It’s time the girls get their own dedicated chance to rip up the ramp.

In addition to blowing up the mini-ramp, Surf Expo is hosting the 2007 Skateboard Hall of Fame – Florida inductions on Saturday  night at the Convention Center at 7PM. With the entire industry buzzing about this crescendo of Surf Expo’s 5-O, it’s a no-brainer to host them right at center of the action this January.

The state of skateboarding at Surf Expo’s 5-O may be best be summed up by pro skateboarder and Crimson Skateboards owner Kris Markovich: “I’ve gone to the Orlando show for years as both a rider and a company owner, and I’ve had a blast every time. The industry as a whole is genuinely happy to be there so there’s an authentically mellow vibe that somehow accompanies the crazy amount of business that gets done. As both a rider and company owner, there’s no place better for me to both skate and do business than at Surf Expo.”

Check out the 5-O January 11-14, 2007 at Surf Expo in Orlando, Florida. Go to to check posted skate contest and event times.