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Northwave Announces Rep Territory Expansion

October 30, 2006

Northwave Announces Rep Territory Expansion

Northwave/Drake/Bakoda/Venue rep David Jacopetti is expanding his territory from Northern California to the southern region as well with his sub rep, Ryon Baxter. For the last year David Jacopetti had been covering the Northern California territory, to include Northern Nevada.  This year the territory has been expanded into all of California, Nevada and Arizona. 


David Jacopetti is excited about working the whole region and will be able to provide California with the service it needs.  Jacopetti says, “I have worked as a buyer and shop manager for over 10 years throughout northern and southern California.  I am confident I will be able to provide all of California with the best rep support it has ever seen from Northwave, Drake, Venue, and Bakoda.  With over 15 years of riding experience snowboarding on all the top boards out there, I have complete confidence in my brand lines”.


David Jacopetti’s sub representative, Ryon Baxter will be aiding him with the territory.  Baxter is from the Sonoma and Tahoe area, and being an avid snowboarder with passion for the sport makes him a good candidate for knowing what people want in terms of good products.  He is eager to take on the new territory expansion and help sales for all the brands.


To contact David Jacopetti for Northwave Boots, Drake Bindings, Venue Snowboards and Bakoda Design Logic Accessories, please call:510-325-3441 or email him at