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StepChild Snowboards Is Proud To Announce Joey Sexton To The Am Team

November 3, 2006

StepChild Snowboards is proud to announce the signing of Joey Sexton to the Am Development Team.

After riding all summer with Simon on the Blackcomb glacier, Simon wanted him on the team… so he’s on.

The 19 year old is from the Midwest, and chicks totally dig this little dirt bag. Like Simon, Joey also has a twin brother. This means that Joey and Simon can chill out hard in the off season, while their twin-brother-clones head out on the road to do trade shows and autograph signings for them.

Team Response

“I think Joey is a good addition to what we are doing-whatever that is. What are we doing?”  - Simon Chamberlain

“When I won my first world championship in 1984 that kid wasn’t even born. He’s got nice style though— I’d like to see how he brings it to the Tahoe City ¼ pipe.”  - A shred ready Terry Kidwell

“Don’t trouble me with news like this, I am busy tanning right now. When the snow hits I’ll call you guys, OK?” - Stian Solberg

“Yo guys— where’s my paycheck?” - Fredu Servio

When asked to comment on the subject of riding for StepChild, Joey Sexton’s response was: “I have always been stoked on StepChild but I sometimes think— ‘What the hell have I gotten myself into?’”

The StepChild Corporate Vultures have been watching Joey and his riding develop over the past couple of years. Joey is a great fit to the StepChild team, he snowboards every day he can, rain or shine.

Joey Sexton also rides for good old George at Union Bindings, Nomis Clothing, and Electric Visual.   

StepChild Snowboards has been in business for 5 years and operates on the “bigger hearts than brains” mentality.

The current StepChild Pro Team consists of Simon Chamberlain, Fredu Servio, Stian Solberg, and legends Terry Kidwell and Mike Ranquet.