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Factor54 clothing announces several key additions to its sales force.

November 15, 2006

Factor54 clothing announces several key additions to its sales force.

F54, now in its 3rd year of operation states that it has now established a solid footing with sales representation with two additions for
North America and one rep for Latin America and Puerto Rico.

Representing the Southeastern region is Chris Lilly from Sarasota Florida. “I had been after Chris for some time as I heard about his reputation from a ton of key industry folks who told me how critical having the right person in Florida and the southeastern US said Ted Wueste, F54 VP of Sales. “It all boils down to the comp plan and if a rep feels they can open the doors and make money.

“When I saw the comp plan and job description I sent a note to Ted saying; ‘finally someone got it’ in terms of comp and taking care of the rep. Any A or B level rep would be silly not to look at this deal as you have a combination of a sick brand and a comp plan that gives the rep a chance to make an INSANE amount of money..” Said Lilly from his Sarasota office. Lilly will also act as Eastern Region sales manager.

Next up is the addition of Anita Rentz who is covering the Latin American region as well as Puerto Rico. “Anita comes from an 8 year stay at Volcom and prior to that was at Quicksilver so she is super connected in that whole region. She came to ASR Holiday with over 19 appointments and left with a stack of purchase orders which left us all slack jawed.” Commented Wueste

“I love the energy that comes from Ted and Todd and the rest of the F54 gang and they really let me set my pace for selling the product. Meeting the demand of my customers is always key and I was even a bit surprised for how accepting my customers have been with this new line” said Rentz in between calls to Guatemala and Costa Rica.

Rounding out the latest addition to the sales force is Pete Jasienski, who is covering Los Angeles to San Luis Obispo. “The South Bay is totally different from Orange County and requires that the rep in that region really understand the shops in addition to the actual surf and skate scene which is what makes Pete such a great catch” said Wueste. Pete is constantly bringing in folks to the shop in Costa Mesa to show shop owners, buyers, and team riders alike the F54 base of operations”

Be sure to catch F54 with their new Spring/Summer line at ASR and Expo in January.

About F54

Factor54,  widely known as F54, began in the fall of 2003 when former ASP top 44 surfer Todd Miller resigned his position as marketing manager at Quiksilver in an effort to build a unique, youth centric brand/team concept that put the person first and the sale second with the expectation that sales are a product of value. F54, now in its 3rd year of operation has grown from a limited Men’s Tee line to a full men’s, women’s, and youth line that includes custom board shorts, tees, jackets,  button downs, socks and small line of casual wear. See F54 online at www.Factor54.comand