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NossaTV Launches with a New Standard in Online Advertising

January 16, 2007

NossaTV Launches with a New Standard in Online Advertising

Video on demand website delivers action sports fans, guaranteed


What is NossaTV?


NossaTV is an advertising-supported, video on demand (VOD) service that provides full-length, DVD quality, action sports content from top independent filmmakers.  With NossaTV you buy ads directly with prospective customers, measure their response and interest in your product, and gain insight into their demographics and interests, all while partnering with the best independent action sports content on the web.

Simply select the demographic (age, gender, location), the viewing interests you want to reach (ski, snowboard, skate, surf).  Our technology delivers your ads only to consumers that match your criteria.  It’s that simple; NossaTV delivers your audience, guaranteed.



NossaTV is the first service to provide consumers with full-length, DVD quality videos that are free for the consumer to download and enjoy where ever, whenever, and as many times as they want.  NossaTV will feature video from hundreds of independent action sports filmmakers, ski and snowboard resorts, and competitions.  Unlike TV where ads are delivered regardless of the viewer, NossaTV dynamically integrates your commercials with the content.  Want to deliver a message to all 17-24 year old, male snowboarders?  Done.  Only want skiers living in a 20-mile radius of your shop?  We can do that.



Most online content sites still rely on banner ads surrounding their videos.  You can track who clicks through to your site, but do you get a good brand impression?  No.  Is the ad targeted?  Nope.  And just ask yourself, how often do you click on banner ads?  NossaTV gives you 30-seconds center stage to build a relationship with exactly the person you want to buy your product.  You aren’t on the top of the page or in the lower right hand corner, you have the customer 1:1 and 30-seconds to make your pitch and create powerful brand awareness for your product!



The difference between banner ads and online commercials is the difference between the 1/16 page ads in the sports section of the newspaper, and Super Bowl commercials.  NossaTV allows you to maximize your creative ideas and bring your product to life.  Video on demand viewers are actively engaged in the show and the commercials, especially those targeted at them.  While banner ads are the bunt single of advertising, NossaTV video ads deliver your brand message, are clickable and trackable, and are integrated in top action sports content, a proverbial advertising home run.