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Nathan Carroll Joins The Fox Surf Team

March 14, 2007

Nathan Carroll Joins The Fox Surf Team

Newport Beach, CA - Fox is pleased to announce the North Shore’s Nathan Carroll as the newest edition to the family. Bringing a complete arsenal of big-wave power and small-wave trickery, Carroll’s multifaceted approach will undoubtedly be a huge asset to Fox’s already well-qualified team in Hawaii, including standouts Kalani Robb and Jesse Merle Jones.

“It’s exciting having another guy from the Islands on the squad,” explains Fox team member Jesse Merle Jones. “He’s a great surfer, especially out at Sunset.”

Paddling out in sizable Sunset Beach when he was only seven years old, Carroll’s continued to make a name out there, as well as all over the North Shore. With hand-crafted boards made by his father, Tim Carroll, and backed by the support of a very tight-knit family, Nathan’s matured into an extremely articulate, design-minded, well-grounded surfer.   

“I’m really looking forward to working hard and representing Fox as best I can,” says Nathan. “I feel very fortunate to be part of Fox and its family vibe. The program’s headed in a great direction.”

No stranger to competition, Nathan started out competing on the NSSA contest circuit when he was just a grom, then quickly obtained impressive marks in tough comps such as Monster Energy Pipe Pro, Xcel Pro and O’Neill World Cup. Ahead on the horizon, he anticipates dedicating a majority of his time in 2007 to chasing the ever-coveted WQS points. With a six-star coming up in Western Australia, as well as trips scheduled for South Africa, France, Scotland and Japan, he’ll be spending more time on the road than he will at home. But then when the Hawaiian season rumbles to life at the end of the year you can count on him being there, and as he’s done in the past several seasons, making a big impact.

“He brings so much to the team,” tells Fox Surf Promotions Manager Chris Drummy. “He’ll definitely be a guy to watch in Hawaii, but he’s so talented in any kind of waves that he can blow minds wherever he is in the world. We’re extremely excited to help him reach his goals in the years ahead.”

Nathan’s sponsors include Fox, Spy Optics, Freestyle Watches, Justice Surfboards, and Sticky Bumps.  Check out upcoming new photos and video of Nate and the Fox surf team.