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Nate Bozung Joins the Northwave/Drake/Bakoda Team

June 4, 2007

Nate Bozung Joins the Northwave/Drake/Bakoda Team

Northwave is proud to announce that Nate Bozung has joined the team and will be riding Northwave boots, Drake bindings, and Bakoda Design Logic accessories.  On and off the team since a grom, Nate has moved to join his film accomplice, Matty Ryan, to ride on the Northwave brand teams. 

Having been on same team in the past, Nate says “I’m stoked to be apart of the program an’ it’s so sick that I’m teammates with Matty again.” Team Manager, Desiree Moore says, “It’s great to have both Matty and now Nate on the team because their personalities and styles are so different, but they work well together… you can’t really have one without the other.” 

This past winter, Nate was working with Matty on their second video project, Bozwreck II, which like the first movie is not the typical, run of the mill snowboard video, but a good window into his film crew’s lives as snowboarders in SLC and other key locations.  A teaser of the two year project will be out fall 2007. 

Spending most of his winter in Utah, Nate can usually be found poaching rails and riding at Park City, his favorite resort.  Currently he’s on the East Coast taking a break before heading to New Zealand in July.  Nate’s sponsors include: Northwave, Drake, Bakoda, Sessions, Neff, Electric, Boost, and Milosport. 

The Northwave, Drake Pro International team is: Alexis Waite, Hans Ahlund, Patrick McCarthy, Matt Beardmore, Brett Butcher, Matty Ryan, and now Nate Bozung.