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Undercover Celebrity Reporter Turns Action Sports Writer

June 15, 2007

Undercover Celebrity Reporter Turns Action Sports Writer

What would cause an undercover celebrity reporter to turn action sports writer? The answer to that question is as intriguing as some of the celebrity gossip she used to report.

As an investigative journalist for the tabloids, Marlise Elizabeth Kast would stop at almost nothing to get the celebrity stories. At the age of 22, Kast became the youngest celebrity journalist to infiltrate the Hollywood scene. Kast broke over 200 stories in the course of three years, landing her the title of “tabloid prodigy.”

Kast, the daughter of a minister, grew up in a conservative home and aspired to a career as a respected journalist. Instead, fresh out of college, with a journalism degree and few job prospects, she became a tabloid reporter. 

Kast, who lives in San Diego, details her adventures as an undercover celebrity reporter in her tell-all book, Tabloid Prodigy. Since the May 15th release of the book, Kast has appeared on Entertainment Tonight, The O’Reilly Factor, CNN, FOX News, KTLA, CW, FOX & Friends and KUSI. She has also been featured in over sixty radio interviews.

In her memoir, Kast recounts her transformation from a fledgling writer to a callous reporter. During her career, she assumed countless identities to get the headline, including those of a florist, tennis player, mourner, student, and bridesmaid.

The primary focus of the book is about Kast’s search for redemption and the road to contentment. After years of lying about who she really was, Marlise ultimately had to discover her own truth.

“I left the tabloids because I was burned out and didn’t know who I was anymore,” says Kast. “After years of pretending to be someone else, I had lost my own identity somewhere along the way. I became so hooked on the tabloid industry that I had to leave Hollywood to get away from it.”

Kast went to Switzerland for what was supposed to be a two-month trip. She wound up staying for more than two years, during which she discovered the freedom of snowboarding. During this time, she also became a freelance journalist, contributing to Snowboard Journal, SG, and Surf Life for Women.

“The adrenaline rush I used to feel from chasing celebrities and meeting deadlines was replaced with my new-found passion for action sports,” says Kast. “This helped me redefine my identity as an extreme athlete and as a legitimate reporter. At last, I was able to justify what I was writing.”

Each summer, Kast lived in Dominican Republic or Brazil where she would kitesurf while writing for travel magazines. Kast traded in her kites for surfboards when she was introduced to the appeal of the waves at Cabarete’s Encuentro Beach.

Eventually, Kast’s quest liquid mountains and untracked terrain led her on a 13-month global expedition that took her to 28 nations. With no more than a backpack and surfboard, Kast traveled to destinations including Morocco, Bali, Philippines, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, Australia and New Zealand. The trip led to freelance work with Surfer, Foam and TransWorld magazines.
Upon her return, Kast settled in North County, San Diego where she completed her manuscript for Tabloid Prodigy. Today, Kast can be found surfing in San Diego or snowboarding in Mammoth. Although she continues to travel, she says she considers Carlsbad her home base. While contributing to sports, travel and business publications, Kast is currently working on her second book.

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