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ASR September Exposes Industry Wide Shift to Green Movement

July 12, 2007

ASR September Exposes Industry Wide Shift to Green Movement
ASR produces 5th consecutive wind powered event, as brands and events amplify shift

ASR continues taking Green Steps, the event’s environmental initiative, to the next level for the upcoming ASR, September 7-9th in San Diego. The combination of sustainable event production efforts, special events to raise awareness for environmental efforts and an infusion of sustainable, recycled and organic product lines demonstrates a shift in the way action sports business is done.

“ASR’s Green Steps program continues to grow as new options become available with a commitment from ASR exhibitors and vendors to join the effort,” says Andy Tompkins, ASR Show Director. “We’re proud to continue putting on a 100% wind powered event and provide an appropriate platform for the industry to showcase its steps toward sustainable products and business practices.”

Some of the Green Steps initiatives at ASR include: expanded recycling efforts sponsored by Volcom, the ASR LineUp printed on recycled paper, recycled paper badges printed with soy ink from Von Zipper, biodegradable food and beverage containers and utensils, Fox recycled show bags produced by Earthpack and recycled carpeting in the aisles.

To produce a fully wind powered event, ASR is again partnering with 3 Phases Energy, a company that provides renewable energy services for businesses, utilities, governments and institutions. The CO2 emissions offset from the September event is equivalent to the environmental impact of 15 cars off the road for an entire year or planting 20 acres of trees.

Along with GES, a major exhibition and event services provider, ASR is making ‘greener’ options available to exhibitors. Recycled carpeting and booth displays using Fibrex, a material made from waste wood fiber rather than petroleum-based products, are some of the new options. Also, the plastic carpet covering and padding used at ASR will be recycled.
New for September, ASR is launching the Carbon Neutral Travel Program. Attendees will be able to easily calculate the carbon footprint for travel to ASR. On this summer, there will be the opportunity to offset CO2 emissions created by traveling to ASR through the purchase of RECs, Renewable Energy Certificates. Just like the RECs purchased to power the ASR event, these carbon offsets ensure that alternative wind energy is produced in lieu of carbon intensive coal fired energy.

In addition to sustainable show services, The Glue Network is presenting Green 4 Green: Money for the Environment, which includes a poker tournament, live art installation and concert in partnership with ASR and ISM: A Community Project.  Green 4 Green will benefit ASEC, the Action Sports Environmental Coalition, a non-profit working to unite the action sports community to affect positive change for social and environmental issues worldwide.

“ASR does not just reflect the environmental movement within the action sports industry, they’re at the forefront of it,“ says Frank Scura, Executive Director of ASEC. “For years, ASR has been passionately supporting the industry’s sustainability initiatives. This year we have a massive space at ASR to promote the action sports industry’s groundbreaking green agenda.“

On Saturday there will be a special screening of the highly anticipated environmental documentary film featuring Leonardo Di Caprio, The 11th Hour at ASR. Following the film, the Executive Producer, Pierre André Senizergues, Founder and CEO of Sole Technology, will lead a Q&A panel including the film’s director and invited experts from the film and action sports industry.

Within the aisles of ASR, established and emerging brands are launching expanded lines of product that use sustainable, recycled and organic materials. Action sports’ biggest brands including Quiksilver, Volcom, Etnies, Reef, IPath, Sector 9, Satori Movement and Element among others will be expanding organic and sustainable product lines for spring 2008. Many of these industry leaders, who had introduced limited sustainable lines focused mostly on organic cotton tees for spring 2007, will introduce wider selections of denim, knits, wovens, footwear and accessories for next spring. From these lines, most brands are donating 1-3% back to environmental and humanitarian causes.

Don’t Miss ASR in San Diego, September 7-9th!