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Rip.TV To Deliver Live Webcast of Crankworx Slopestlye in Whistler

July 26, 2007

Rip.TV To Deliver Live Webcast of Crankworx Slopestlye in Whistler

Crankworx has partnered with Rip.TV to stream the 2007 slopestyle event live & deliver all of the event highlights through the website. The deal is the first of it’s kind for Whistler and will provide a huge increase in real-time exposure for the event.

Rip.TV users will be able to log on and see the event as it unfolds live wherever they are in the world. In addition to the Live stream of the slopestyle event on July 28 Rip will be exclusively hosting all of the highlights from the entire week of Crankworx.

Among the highlights will be the winning runs from the top 5 riders of the weekend, highlight reels from all runs from the slopestyle rider by rider, overall best tricks and airs, crashes, and more.  Riders confirmed for the event are the best of the best from all over the world and the bar will again be raised as the progression of the sport continues to mount. As a bonus Rip will also be hosting the Volkswagon Biker X, the Jim Beam Air DH, the Telus Dual Slalom, and the Kokanee Slopestyle Qualifiers.

“We’re stoked about the opportunity to deliver this video to the mountain bike masses around the world as well as the rest of the action sport audience who are starting to recognize that freeride and slopestyle Mountain Biking is a legitimate action sport just as burly as the rest. It’s going to be better than being there,” says Rip.TV Content Director Mike Johansen, “Crankworx is the definitive must-see of the MTB season, an amazing & surreal live event drawing thousands of people and Rip is very excited to be a Gold Sponsor and help to grow it over the years”.

It’s a busy summer for the Action Sport video site. Along with this announcement the company is the first annual Crankworx Colorado event highlights, the exclusive web partner and live webcast venue for the 2nd annual Bearclaw Invitational, and the exclusive web partner for the 5th season of Drop In.  Aside from events has also partnered with almost every professional producer in the industry to delivery the highest quality MTB clips, segments, and full films for free to the worldwide action sport community.

This summer Mountain Bike junkies will be able to tune in to to see everything from live events to next-to-live highlight clips, take part in voting contests to win valuable prizes, and take part themselves by uploading their own videos for a chance to be the next big thing or just share their riding experiences with friends. Users are able to “Rip Off” any of the video clips they see on by embedding the videos into their own websites or social networking profile pages like Myspace. As the summer turns to winter so will Rip.

Since it’s launch in January ‘07 has served over 5,000,000 video streams and is growing at an amazing pace.

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