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FUEL TV Announces August Programming Highlights

July 31, 2007

FUEL TV Announces August Programming Highlights

LOS ANGELES, CA – Today, FUEL TV announces its August slate of action sports programming.  Now in 24 million homes, FUEL TV is the network in the United States dedicated to the lifestyles of surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding, freestyle motocross, BMX and wakeboarding.

Ultimate Sessions – 9:30pm ET, 12:30am ET, 3:30am ET
Director Ira Opper and writer Matt Warshaw have sifted through the best surf footage ever to bring you a blend of touchstone moments, eye-opening surfing and authentic surf culture. This movie includes Jeff Hakman at Honolua Bay in Hal Jepsen’s 1969 release “Cosmic Children,” Shaun Tomson and others at Off the Wall from Bill Delaney’s 1975 release “Free Ride,” and Tom Curren at Jeffrey’s Bay in Sonny Miller’s 1993 release “Searching for Curren.”

Taming Alaska – 12:00pm ET, 6:00pm ET, 10:30pm ET
Head straight from Alaska’s freezing surf to the top of its steepest peaks as Olympic snowboarders Andy Finch and Justin Lamoureux tackle both elements in less than 24 hours. 

Hobgood Challenge - 9:30pm ET, 12:30am ET, 3:30am ET
The Inaugural Hobgood Challenge is a once-in-a-lifetime trip for a handful of the world’s best surfers under the age of 20. These lucky kids surf the world’s craziest right-hander, along with two of the most talented surfers ever, CJ and Damien Hobgood. With $16,001 in prize money on the line, only one of them is going to come out on top.

Harvey Spannos – 9:30pm ET
This original FUEL TV movie is a comedy shot in Vancouver, B.C. about a young boy’s discovery that his deceased father, a professional skateboarder in 1970, died in a tragic accident trying to launch over a shark pit. Upon discovery, the boy begins looking up to a pro skateboarder--played by pro skater Rick McCrank--and will eventually have to choose between the fun of the board and the lure of cash. This film won the FUEL TV Experiment and director Corey Adams was awarded a million-dollar contract to produce another original film for FUEL TV.

Surfing Favela – 10:00pm ET, 1:00am ET
This original FUEL TV movie is beautifully shot in the infamous slums, or “favelas,” in Brazil, where millions of people live in extreme poverty. The documentarians risked their lives filming in the crossfire of gang warfare to capture this rare look into the youth and show how these young Brazilians defy the environment’s limitations by choosing the surfing lifestyle over the never-ending cycle of local violence, corruption and drugs.

United By Fate: Behind the Scenes of Episode 2 – 8:00pm ET, 11:00pm ET
Watch Globe’s second installment of its short film series that follows skaters such as Paul Machnau, Mark Appleyard, Chris Haslam, Jake Duncombe, Greg Lutzka and Rodney Mullen as they become “United By Fate.” Get an insider’s look with both the feature and behind-the-scenes footage. 

Strange Notes: NY to Shanghai – 8:00pm ET, 11:00pm ET
Go on the road with the Krux team on location in China filming for their team video - "Feelin' It." Then, check in with Independent pro Chris Haslam and go on the road with Antwan and Curtin in New York, before watching Santa Cruz am Tommy Fynn and Creature am Taylor Bingamen's “Movin Up”.         

2007 Rockstar Masa Pro – 8:30pm ET, 11:30pm ET
Rockstar Energy Drink presents the second annual Masa Pro skateboarding competition. Watch today’s biggest pros including Paul Rodriguez, Jereme Rogers, Greg Lutzka, Ronnie Creager, Mike Peterson and Danny Fuenzalida battle it out in Fayetteville, North Carolina at the Grand Opening of the Mega Skate Plaza.     

King of Wake World Cup Series ’07 – Air Nautique WWA National Championships – Kenosha, WI – 9:30pm ET, 12:30am ET, 3:30am ET
Watch the world’s top wakeboarders such as Philip Soven, Rusty Malinoski, Danny Harf, and Andrew Adkison come together to compete for their chance to win $25,000 in the 2007 King of Wake World Cup. The pressure is on as the riders vie for the title and the largest cash bonus prize in the history of the sport. With 70 featured riders in the Pro Men’s Division only five will make it to the finals.

King of Wake World Cup Series '07 – Mastercraft Pro Wakeboard Tour - Stop 4 - Kelowna, BC – 9:30pm ET, 12:30am ET, 3:30am ET
The ultimate wakeboard series continues with a more international flavor this year. The best riders in the world including Danny Harf, Philip Soven, Rusty Malinoski, and Andrew Adkison head north of the boarder Kelowna, BC, Canada to compete at the fourth stop of the tour.

Rockstar Rail Jam – 9:30pm ET, 12:30am ET, 3:30am ET
Watch the world’s best wakeskaters go head-to-head at The Projects in Orlando, Florida for the Rockstar Rail Jam, the first stop of the 2007 Byerly Toe Jam Wakeskate Tour. In the heated contest, top pros such as Reed Hansen and Nick Taylor pull out their best tricks in search of the win and qualification to the invite-only Toe Jam Tour Final. 

Transworld 2006 Model Search – 2:30am ET
What could make Hawaii’s perfect waves, beautiful beaches, and tropical sun any hotter? How about models in tiny bikinis splashing around in the ocean? Watch sexy girls pose and play on the white sand beaches of Hawaii, captured by Transworld’s cameras. 

Foster's ASP Men's World Tour '07 – Rip Curl Pro Search, Chile – 9:30pm ET, 12:30am ET, 3:30am ET
The top 45 surfers in the world compete in the Rip Curl Pro Search, held in Arica, Chile, for the next stop of surfing's premier competitive circuit, the Foster’s ASP World Tour. Watch as the world’s best including eight-time world champion Kelly Slater, three-time world champ Andy Irons, and Australians Taj Burrow, Mick Fanning, and Joel Parkinson battle for the $30,000 first place prize.

FUEL TV is the action sports lifestyle network for skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing, BMX, freestyle motocross, and wakeboarding. A unit of Fox Cable Networks, FUEL TV was launched July 1, 2003 and is seen in 24 million U.S. homes. To subscribe to FUEL TV, call 877-4-FUEL-TV. For program times and other information, visit