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eesa Hires Cott to Cover Ontario, Canada

August 13, 2007

eesa Hires Cott to Cover Ontario, Canada

eesa is pleased to announce the addition of Stefan ‘I’m so good I could sell this stuff with my eyes closed’ Cott as the eesa rep for our good friends in the great white north of Ontario.  Cott comes to the team with a bevy of brands under his belt and was stoked to have the opportunity to represent eesa.  When Cleary (Stephen Cleary eesa founder and brand enabler) gave me a shout about coming on board I was so pumped I threw on my Leafs jersey and rallied the 401 at like 500 mph, that’s like 100 kmh right?!

Cleary was quick to point out that he pre-qualified Stefan through his Montreal rep Sebastien Carobene who was fully backing Stefan but went off on some rant about The Bourbon, Yan, Max, something-something French, I’m a pepper, blah-blah-blah. 

Welcome aboard Stefan! 

About eesa
eesa lux layering was created to remove the shackles of the snowboard industries incredibly static first-layer offerings. If you’re still rocking a long-sleeve cotton-T and hooded sweatshirt when you ride; eesa is the brand for you. eesa makes design-driven innerwear and apparel with a sophisticated focus on functional fabrics engineered with your style in mind. The results are lux-layering pieces that can be worn from Snowflake-to -Beachbreak. eesa’s fall/winter collection hits select specialty snowboard shops this fall in the US, Canada, Europe and Japan, in addition to online distribution through