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August 13, 2007 Report - Volcom and Suski Dominate Rivals To Take The Lead
With a powerful blend of advertising and editorial coverage Volcom demonstrates their marketing savvy by taking the lead for July 2007. 

Editor’s note: This is the sixth installment of what is a monthly media highlight, regarding the industry’s brands and skaters’ coverage reports mined by is an innovative approach to painstakingly documenting a cross section of media coverage within the skateboard industry.

Zoo York’s Aaron Suski rockets to the top after having not a dot of coverage since April.

Volcom, Nike SB and Emerica continue to battle the OG skate shoe company Vans for the top spot as we enter the third quarter of 2007.

Below is a highlight of brands and skaters that dominated the July magazine cover dates.

Volcom 1st
The Youth Against Establishment rise to the top...

Emerica 2nd overall
100% pure skateboarding into second

Element plants a seed in 3rd
Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, Coverage

Nike SB (4th) & Vans (5th) round out top five brands

Aaron Suski  #1!
Cover and Interview puts Zoo York’s Suski into the top spot
Cairo Foster Enjoi(s) 2nd
Thrasher Interview boosts Enjoi, Nor Cal Street Shredder...
Alex Olson 3rd overall
Girl’s top am rockets past the pros

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