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Foursquare Outerwear Announces Film Partnership with Dim Mak Records

September 12, 2007

Foursquare Outerwear Announces Film Partnership with Dim Mak Records
Company follows first independent film iTunes release with another groundbreaking new film

Irvine, California (September 12, 2007) - Today, Foursquare Outerwear announces a new partnership with indie label, Dim Mak Records for the upcoming snowboard film, NORTH SOUTH EAST WEST.   The new film by the critically acclaimed creators of ‘The Resistance’, ‘True Life’, and ‘THAT’, will chronicle the travels of the Foursquare pro-team as they make their way to four different points on the globe.  Set to a soundtrack of Dim Mak’s varied roster of bands, the final cut gives fans a chance to catch Foursquare riders dog-sledding, surfing, skating, and getting into trouble in the desert, in addition to solid snowboarding.

As the pioneers of iTunes independent film distribution, the much-anticipated ‘NORTH SOUTH EAST WEST’ will be available on iTunes in late September for download usage with an added bonus section from Dim Mak.  The full-length film release to follow will feature the Dim Mak extras section with music videos from artists featured on the movie soundtrack.

“I remember seeing one of my first snowboard films when I was a teenager and how important the songs in the video were in shaping what I thought of snowboard culture. Foursquare has always been on the cutting edge of snowboarding, and I am glad we are partnering creatively on this film.  Our artists fit well with their snowboarders, and we are extremely psyched about the collaboration,” said Steve Aoki of Dim Mak Records.