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Nike ACG Pushes Button on its Latest Release: Sweetspots

October 15, 2007

Nike ACG Pushes Button on its Latest Release: Sweetspots

The collection of short films is hosted on their website Each has involved collaboration between some of the finest ski and snowboarding talent within the Nike ACG ranks and the most innovative film production teams in the industry. The riders picked locations and setups across the globe and came away with their own Sweetspot; a moment in time that they’ll never forget.

Henning Mathinsen filmed his Sweetspot in Revelstoke, Canada. Tucked away in a mountain cabin he and the Blank Paper crew had to ride out an ugly storm before they reaped the rewards of endless pow and untracked lines. Boris Benedek, looking back on the shoot reflected: “The Area for this shoot was amazing, a lot of space to go explore. Staying all together in a cabin at the bottom of the mountain, taking the cat up to a remote peak straight from the door was a new experience for me.”

Get over to to see Henning’s personal journey in Sweetspot no.4. From there you’ll be able to check out the other 7 Sweetspots. Also, keep an eye out for how you could be in the frame to shoot your own Sweetspot (or upload one) to be featured on the site.

Addinal Sweetspots will be arriving throughout the season. Make sure you sign up to the newsletter on the site for notifications as each new film is released.