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Omatic Snowboards Hires Someone New...

November 1, 2007

Omatic Snowboards Hires Someone New...

After months of grueling interviews with American Idol rejects, Omatic finally found their behind-the-scenes superstar to take over the position of Sales Director. The lucky and much-deserving winner of this talent search is Tanya Otero from Encinitas, California. 

Although very young, Tanya has managed to plant some solid roots in action sports; with over 15 years of experience, she has worked for some of the finest companies in the industry, most recently as the US Sales Manager at 686. With the help of her extensive retail knowledge and black belt sales expertise, we plan on moving some serious units.  We're also planning on using Tanya's marketing prowess to launch a plethora of grass roots efforts that benefit those who have a love for the shred. We have yet to tell her that, but because she's a team player, she'll totally be on board.

"We are incredibly happy to have Tanya on the Omatic team," says Jason Kanes, head honcho at Omatic, "She has a tolerance  for obscure bands that have 10-minute songs that sound like fingernails on a chalkboard, bad jokes, and constant quotes from The Family Guy.  You take all that and wrap it into a neat little package, throw in her ability for trash-talking, and she was the perfect candidate."

Tanya is the best fit for our little company that could, and we look forward to many years of puzzled looks and nervous laughter.  Welcome to the program, Tanya! 

Omatic Snowboards is a rider-owned and rider-driven brand. Omatic began in 2005 by bringing together pro snowboarders Todd Richards, Tara Dakides, Louie Vito and Chanelle Sladics to create a new vision. Using the expertise of team riders and overall technical snowboard wizardry, Omatic snowboards are designed to perform. At Omatic, we are proudly manufacturing top quality, high performance snowboards that are affordable and fun to ride.