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Shane Beschen Joins the Allyance Alliance

November 8, 2007

Shane Beschen Joins the Allyance Alliance

Allyance is thrilled to announce the addition of Shane Beschen to the program!  As a surf ambassador, Shane will be working closely with the Blackhart Brotherhood to develop a tight crew of surf nuts as well as developing and executing retail initiatives with Allyance’s sales force.

 “I feel very confident that Allyance has what it takes to become the next gnarly brand,” states Beschen. “We’re here to unite the Rouge Heroes of the world and with the Blackhart Brotherhood at the head of design, the product and marketing will be cutting edge and give Allyance a vibe unmatched in this industry. This is a team of very talented individuals that all have the same goal in mind!”

“Can’t say enough about Besch and the impact he has had on our industry, particularly in the world of competition,” says marketing director Jason Arnold.  “In my opinion, the “Dream Tour” owes a lot to the likes of him with his tireless push to reward progressive surfing and his record speaks for itself-Bud Tour champ 92, WCT Rookie of the Year 93, WCT runner up 96; and the guy is still out there killing it!  We’re psyched on what he is bringing to the plate for Allyance!”

Allyance has also added a few more sales reps to round out its impressive domestic lineup:

Joji (George) Kempf will be handling Hawaii and also reps Future Fins; Keith Gardner is taking on the great Northwest in addition to Pow gloves and Bern helmets; Marcel Soros and his agency will be rocking NorCal alongside Electric, Sanuk and Ezekiel; and Wesley Maeckel will be nailing Texas and the Rockies and also owns the skate company, Rock Steady Skateboards.

Allyance is of and for the people!  Drop your definitions and stand alone, ROGUE HEROES!  We’re taking it to the beaches, streets and mountains; we’re rocking the bars and slinging stars!   Allyance is exclusive yet inclusive; jack the mainstream majority, be an upstart inspiration!  NO GENERATION!