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October Skate Magazine Media Stats Reported by

November 15, 2007

October Skate Magazine Media Stats Reported by

Foundation’s iconic punk rocker and all around ripper, Corey Duffel, takes the # 1 spot with a Thrasher cover along with a large interview. Nor Cal takes another jab as San Diego recovers from devastating fires and slaughter as the Kid aka, Jason Adams from San Jose riding for Black Label blazes into 2nd with a Slap cover and interview. Forrest who? The curiosity from Miami clashes with the Pope on birth control, but confesses all nonetheless with a cover and interview in Transworld. Plan B challenges footwear titans Vans and Nike with a huge spike in advertising. Below is a highlight of brands and skaters that dominated the October, magazine cover dates.

Plan B
While you were sleeping!

Nike sb
The truth is on tour

The most copied shoes in skateboarding

(4th) & Fallen (5th) round out top five brands

Corey Duffel  #1!
27 Pages of shredding
Jason Adams 2nd
Poster, Interviews, Covers. What?
Forrest Kirby 3rd overall
Post confessional urban vandalism

Mike McDermott(4th) and Tony Cervantes (5th) round out the top five skaters.