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Sixth Annual Coupe De’ Shred Blows Up in Tahoe - Malakye Sponsors Rep' Contest

December 7, 2007

Sixth Annual Coupe De’ Shred Blows Up in Tahoe - Malakye Sponsors Rep' Contest

Scurvy Bastards Sales and Marketing has been throwing a contest in Tahoe annually for the last six years.  The Coupe De' Shred, the "War Between the Shores," has been an amazing grass roots amateur contest where over 300 riders from each shore show up every year—yes 300!—to support the local snowboard scene. 

Scurvy Bastards Sales and Marketing worked with Northstar's terrain park crew to design a totally unique Coupe De' Shred park.  The park will look like an indoor skatepark’s street course—totally sick!

What's in it for you?  Besides getting out there and trying to spark some additional sales for your brands right before Christmas, it’s a great way to keep the stoke alive for the beginning of another seemingly mediocre winter.  Just like last year, there will be a Rep contest after the Amateur Jam. kicked down over $500.00 in gas cards to be awarded to the reps, and Kicker threw in an amp’ and sub’ with enclosure. Del Taco even threw in to sponsor this year’s event, so there will be vouchers for Del Taco going to the Ams and Reps.

Where do you come in?  Some of you may actually work for companies sponsoring this event.  Regardless of your employer’s involvement we would like to have all of you out there for this years Coupe De’ Shred.  We have arranged a Sponsor Village with Northstar for you to come and setup your tent, and do as you wish.  You can pimp your brands, make kids throw up for stickers, post up in the shade, barbeque, or whatever. 

In previous years, Scurvy Bastards Sales and Marketing has hosted the event at Sierra at Tahoe and it has been great.  However, for this year’s event it will move to the Northstar Village.  The decision to move was based on many factors.  The development of Northstar’s Village has enabled Scurvy Bastards Sales and Marketing to host all the events tied to the Coupe De' Shred to one centrally located place.  They are hosting a VIP reception for all staff and sponsors (as well as reps.) at Mikuni's, and the event at mid mountain.  The after party, featuring The Lovemakers,” will be a public event for all ages.  It will be held at the middle of the Northstar Village on their new stage flanked by hosted cabana bars for VIP and event staff.

If you’d like to contribute some product for the kids and attend the event, please RSVP to Ryan "RV" Van Duyn by phone 916.524.4121 or e-mail

You need a reservation to hold a space in the sponsor village, and for the pre party at Mikuni's as well.

Holler back!