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Reef Announces Mike Gass as Director of Reef Redemption

December 20, 2007

Reef Announces Mike Gass as Director of Reef Redemption
Reef brand shores up commitment to sustainability efforts, eco-products and non-profits

Reef is putting more muscle behind the brand’s commitment to environmental efforts with the promotion of Mike Gass to the newly created Director of Reef Redemption position. Gass will head up the brand’s three-step environmental initiative, Reef Redemption, which includes in-house efforts, an eco-driven product line and a charitable wing called the Reef Redemption Fund.
“We have an amazing team of individuals committed to effecting real change in how we make product, conduct our business and give back,” says Mike Gass, Director of Reef Redemption. “It is great to be working on this project at a time when there seems to be a real shift in attitude not only in our industry, but in the overall business world as well.
While working for Timberland, in footwear product development and with their community service programs, Gass realized that, “Business and social responsibility do not have to be mutually exclusive, they can each benefit from the other.”
Gass has worked at Reef for over five years as a senior footwear product developer and Associate Product Line Manager for men's footwear. He was instrumental in building Reef Redemption two years ago from the product series side and then growing it from there.
Among other ‘green’ initiatives, Gass will research and source new eco-friendly materials to help the product teams evolve and expand the Reef Redemption Product Series. He is also heading up the Reef Redemption Fund, which donates funds generated by the sale of Reef Redemption products to environmental and humanitarian efforts worldwide. Finally, Gass will continue work on the Reef sustainability program as it relates to in-house efforts.
In 2008, look for the expansion of Reef Redemption product offerings, more athlete involvement, the evolution of the brand’s in-house sustainability program and new partnerships with environmental and humanitarian organizations.