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ZOO YORK Collaboration With Ghostface Killah

January 14, 2008

ZOO YORK Collaboration With Ghostface Killah

The Zoo York Institute, in association with Def Jam and Cornerstone Promotion, is proud to announce an exclusive collaboration that celebrates the recent release of Ghostface Killah’s critically-acclaimed new album, “The Big Doe Rehab.”

This highly-anticipated collab features a co-branded skateboard deck and T-shirt adorned with custom graphics that pay homage to Ghost’s new album, as well as the abundance of AKA’s the hip-hop icon has adopted over the past fifteen years.

Limited to less than 500 promo-only pieces and slated to release in early February 2008, these co-op collectibles will be available exclusively through in-store and online promos from Def Jam, Cornerstone, and of course, the Zoo.

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