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Naphte Canada Announces Naphte Longboard and Snowboard Magazines

January 22, 2008

Naphte™ Longboard, Snow, Surf et Vie becomes two publications: Naphte™ Longboard Magazine and Naphte™ Snowboard Magazine

We’ve had an amazing four-year run as a single publication covering three lifestyle sports – longboarding, snowboarding and surfing. But we’re proud to announce that Naphte™ Longboard, Snow, Surf et Vie is now evolving into two publications: Naphte Longboard Magazine and Naphte Snowboard Magazine.

Said Alexandre Lavoie, Owner of Naphte™ Digital Magazine, “We plan to be the leading voice for the growing longboard scene. With our new longboard-specific magazine, advertisers, manufacturers and athletes finally have a forum dedicated to expanding their visibility. We are also focused on drawing new advertisers interested in this audience. Our online digital format, in use since 2005, already reaches thousands of young people each month. Within the next year, we plan to reach more than 150,000 riders per month.”

Naphte™ Longboard Magazine will be published twice a year (Spring and Summer).

Naphte™ Snowboard Magazine will be back in Fall 2008, loaded with interviews, videos and more. Don’t miss it!