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FLOW’S Global Awareness Project Partners with the A.S.E.C.

April 7, 2008

FLOW’S Global Awareness Project Partners with the A.S.E.C.

For the second consecutive winter season, FLOW snowboarding introduces an exclusive line of signature series snowboards inspired by their team of pro riders. This year, Scotty Lago threw out an idea that was sparked by his views of growing up in the shadow of the Seabrook, NH nuclear power plant. His Signature Series “Quantum” snowboard graphic features a spin on the “toxic avenger” that not only raises awareness about the pollution going on in his back yard, but also gives back to an organization called the Action Sports Environmental Coalition (A.S.E.C).

The Action Sports Environmental Coalition (A.S.E.C) is an industry organization with an economic, environmental & social focus that acts as a resource and educator for the action sports industry to improve its collective impact on the environment. FLOW and Scotty Lago recognize the need to educate and combat the immense environmental challenges that face us today in both business & our personal lives. FLOW is stoked to announce that a portion of the proceeds acquired from sales of the Quantum snowboard will be donated to the A.S.E.C. to help bring about a healthier planet. In addition, one of these boards will gladly be donated to the A.S.E.C. to use for an auction in one of their Green Rooms to further their cause.

“I’m from Seabrook, New Hampshire and the inspiration for my board graphic is from the nuclear power plants scumming up my backyard. I’m not exactly a tree-hugger, but I want to do my part for the environment and that’s why Flow and I are supporting ASEC (Action Sports Environmental Coalition) by donating a portion of this board’s profits to help promote global awareness and responsibility.” – Scotty Lago

While many snowboarding companies have spent a lifetime trying to fit-in, FLOW has spent its time standing out. Born from originality, FLOW is defiant against the norm of tradition. The world has witnessed how this one time “binding” company has progressed into an entire line of “speed entry” shred options featuring the reclining hiback binding, best fitting boots and award winning snowboards. FLOW is also proud to feature one of the best snowboard teams in the world. The future is FLOW.