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Sportnet & VAS Entertainment Partner to Distribute Leading Action Sports Content

April 10, 2008

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Wasserman Media Group's Sportnet & VAS Entertainment Join Forces to Distribute Leading Action Sports Content Across DVD & Online Platforms

Sportnet and VAS Entertainment have partnered to provide action sports producers, athletes and consumers access to the best content in the category across multiple platforms. Under the terms of the deal, VAS Entertainment will exclusively distribute the home video library and TV rights of Studio411, Sportnet’s action sports studio. In turn, Sportnet will exclusively distribute, syndicate and promote a variety of content from Studio411 and VAS catalogs and all future releases. The announcement was made today by Michael Lythcott, CEO, VAS Entertainment and David Brooks, Senior Vice President of Business Development, Sportnet.

“VAS is thrilled to be a part of one of the most exciting partnerships in action sports media. By tapping our respective distribution and production expertise, we can truly offer consumers, producers and talent the best possible programming,” said Lythcott. “The Studio411 team has collected an amazing family of filmmakers, and they have built an extraordinary organization with evergreen content. We are looking forward to capitalizing on all of our expanded capabilities now that we are aligned with Sportnet.”

This partnership combines Sportnet’s ability to reach millions of action sports fans via its online network with VAS’ leading retail and production infrastructure to deliver brands and producers unprecedented market penetration. VAS and its retailer partners are further strengthened with the addition of Studio411’s slate of titles. In addition to providing digital distribution and promotion across its websites, Sportnet will expand the reach of the content through premium channels on its syndication network.

“We are thrilled to be in business with VAS, the largest distributor and producer of action sports filmed product, together we are both stronger than ever,” said Brooks. “By combining VAS’ traditional distribution business with the Sportnet platform we can dramatically expand the exposure of the branded and independent producer content.”

Since forming Studio411 in early 2005, the company has released over 100 DVDs and sold millions of units. In this short time the company created a worldwide DVD distribution network and negotiated exclusive production deals with the top producers in actions sports. For the past 20 years VAS has distributed more action sport content to retailers than any other distributor. VAS’ library consists of thousands of titles in over 40 sport categories, and is slated to release over 300 titles and TV programs this year.