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New Non-Profit Organization, Board Rescue, Provides Skateboards to Children

June 2, 2008

New Non-Profit Organization, Board Rescue, Provides Skateboards to Children
Northern California Skateboarders Create Board Rescue Organization to Provide Skateboard and Safety Equipment to Kids in Need

Skateboarding is growing faster than any other sport in the United States. Lifetime skateboarders Gary Holl, Judi Oyama and Andrew Huberman, understand the benefits of skateboarding and how it can help kids better their lives. To help encourage and educate kids to the importance of quality equipment the three have founded Board Rescue. Board Rescue’s Mission is to provide free skateboards and safety equipment to children, targeting low-income and at-risk youth.

Board Rescue was founded on the belief that Skateboarding can teach many life long lessons. Like any sport, quality equipment, is the best way to experience the sport. The organization will reach out to industry manufacturers to collect high quality equipment for distribution to youth charity organizations that work with underprivileged and or at-risk youth.

“I’ve been skateboarding for 33 years”, said Gary Holl, President and Founder of Board Rescue. “Skateboarding has taught me many things that I use in my day-to-day and professional life. It’s taught me the importance of discipline, of being able to adapt to ones environment and how to interact well with different types of people- all factors that help lead to success."

Board Rescue has received initial donations from Santa Cruz Skateboards (NHS, Inc.). "Skateboarding is a lifestyle, said Bob Denike, president of NHS-Inc and life long skateboarder. "NHS and our family of companies are proud to sponsor Board Rescue’s effort to get safe, solid equipment into the hands of deserving kids."