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Shmoozapalooza 2008

July 28, 2008

Malakye Shmoozapalooza!!!
The Shmoozapalooza is a job fair taking place at ASR (San Diego, CA) on Friday September 5, 2008.  Our purpose in putting together this event is to give you an opportunity to meet some of the Action Sports industry’s leading employers face to face.  Now 
let’s get to it!

Update: ***Pre-registration is now closed***  But, come on out on the day of the event!!  Because the first two hours are open only to pre-registered people, you'll have to wait until 1PM.  But don't worry!  That leaves you with a solid 3 hours.

Shmoozapalooza!  It’s a job fair that’s all about the Action Sports industry.

It’s an opportunity for you to meet with Action Sports employers face to face.


  • Friday, September 5, 2008 – The ASR tradeshow IS NOT OPEN to the public, only this event is open to the public.
  • 11am to 4pm (11am to 1pm for PRE-REGISTERED ONLY)

WHO (will be exhibiting)
You can expect to see many of the Action Sports industry's leading companies.  A partial list of companies is provided below.  The biggest names in the business will be there!

Looking for professionals in...
Burton | Analog | Anon | Gravis | The Program Irvine, CA. | Burlington, VT. Product Development, Retail Management, Administrative
DC Shoes Vista, CA. Marketing, Merchandising and Design, Production, Sourcing, Marketing
FUEL TV Los Angeles, CA. Interns - Music Dept and Public Relations Dept., (Following are sample full-time opportunities, not currently open) Scheduling Coordinator, Administrative Assistant - On Air Promo, Associate Producer
Hurley Costa Mesa, CA. Apparel Design, Product Development, Retail Management and Operations
Lifted Research Group Irvine, CA. Mid to SENIOR level - Apparel Production and Development. Inside Sales, Customer Service, Administrative, Independent Sales Reps - WOMENS line.
Oakley Foothill Ranch, CA. Engineering, Design, Human Resources, Marketing, Sales
Quiksilver Huntington Beach, CA. Merchandise and Design, Production and Sourcing, Sales, Graphics, Marketing, IT, Accounting, and Store Managers
Reef Carlsbad, CA. Marketing, Apparel / Footwear / Graphic Design and Product Development.
Volcom Costa Mesa, CA. Apparel Design, Product Development and Sales Management

WHO (should attend the event)
If you're considering coming out to the Shmooz, here are some general qualifications that you need to attend:

  • At least 1+ years experience at a professional / full-time level or a specialized degree
    ***Experienced professionals - this is definitely for you too!
  • Experience within a particular job category and desire to continue working within that category
  • Clear goal for attending the Shmoozapalooza – meaning you know what type of job opportunity it is you’re looking for.  Showing up with an “I’ll take anything” approach won’t do you any good and won’t do the companies any good.

***Pre-Registration is now closed***
Come on out on the day of the event!!  Because the first two hours are open only to pre-registered people, you'll have to wait until 1PM.  But don't worry!  That leaves you with a solid 3 hours.


2nd floor of the San Diego Convention Center, directly above the ASR Show. 
111 West Harbor Drive
San Diego, CA 92101
Click here for a map


Treat attending this event like you’d be going to a job interview.  Bring whatever it is you need to present yourself for a candidate for job opportunities in your profession.  Absolutely bring a resume, roughly 20 copies or so.  If you’re a Designer, bring a portfolio and some sort of sample presentation that can be left behind.

Whatever you’re comfortable in!  If you’re curious about what people wear in this industry, check out the Industrial Profiles on Malakye.  That’s pretty true to form of how it really is. 

Convention Center Address:
111 West Harbor Drive
San Diego, CA 92101
Click here for a map

For a visual and text guide on exactly where you will be going once you arrive at the convention center, scroll to the bottom of this page.

How will the room set up be?
Once you’re in, you’re in!  Companies will be set up along the perimeter of the room, and in the center of the room there will be round tables and chairs that will serve two purposes:

  1. For you to sit down and relax at while you think about what your next move is / who to talk to
  2. For companies to use when they want to talk more in depth with particular people – so if you see a conversation going on that looks like a meeting be respectful and give them some space. 

No, the tradeshow floor is not open to the public.  It’s open to trade only, but if all goes well for you in the Shmoozapalooza – you will be in the trade next time!

If there this information leaves you with unanswered questions, drop us an email.

Visual Guide to Shmoozapalooza once you're at the convention center

1. Find the giant escalators and take a ride to the 2nd floor One
2. Make a right or left off the escalator (depending which one you ride) and go straight down this hallway Two
3. Just like this guy (see that sign on the wall above the doors?  That is where you're headed!) Three
4. You're there!  Don't be fooled by these boring doors - it will be live inside! Four