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Zoo York Cockroach Artist Series

August 18, 2008

Zoo York Cockroach Artist Series

The Zoo York Institute is proud to announce that its highly-anticipated new series of collaboration artist boards will hit shops in early September.  Inspired by Gotham’s most unbreakable resident – the cockroach – Zoo York’s new pro model board series features custom roach graphics by five renowned NYC artists including Greg Lamarche (SP.ONE), Steve Nishimoto (Nish), Kyle Talbott (Mesk One), Stephen Halker, and Jules Kim (Bijules).

A Queens native who now lives and works in Manhattan, Greg Lamarche (SP.ONE) is widely recognized as one of the key players in NYC’s revolutionary ‘80s-era graffiti movement.  Known for his flawless letter constructions and vibrant mixed-media collage work, in 1992 Greg founded the highly-influential graffiti ‘zine, Skills.  Over the past decade, Greg’s work has been prominently featured in numerous print publications and art galleries spanning the globe.  A regular Zoo York contributor, he has lent his sublime artistic abilities to commercial projects for Nike, Roxy, Carhartt, Helio, Swindle, Mass Appeal, and others.

Steve Nishimoto (Nish) is a respected member of NYC’s downtown art scene whose intricate letter forms, collage imagery, and logo designs have touched a global audience of skateboarders, tastemakers, and art connoisseurs.  Born and raised in Chicago, where the rugged urban landscape nurtured his interest in design, Nish moved to New York in the late ‘90s to pursue a career in art.  Working closely with Associates in Science and the founders of Zoo York, Nish quickly made a name for himself in NYC and beyond.  His work has been featured in magazines and art exhibits around the world, and he has been commissioned by a range of top brands including Uniqlo, Viacom, Burton, Nike, Converse, FTC, and 2K by Gingham.        

Accomplished print and web designer Kyle Talbott (Mesk One) is the co-founder of Handselecta – a font foundry based in New York that develops new handstyles while preserving the wealth of urban calligraphy that has evolved over the past thirty years.  Kyle’s involvement in graffiti culture dates back to 1985 when, after watching “Style Wars” on PBS one fateful night, he embarked on a personal exploration of graffiti that has steadily grown into a lifelong journey.  Currently serving as an adjunct professor at Manhattan’s School of Visual Arts, Kyle also runs FELT Creative – a boutique web design firm in Brooklyn that boasts a healthy roster of underground and mainstream clients. |

A valued member of Zoo York’s in-house design squad, Brooklynite Stephen Halker is a Southern California native who relocated to NYC in 1997 to attend the School of Visual Arts (SVA).  The son of acclaimed scientists, throughout his scholastic years Stephen often wrestled with his inborn scientific curiosity versus strong desire to express himself artistically.  Upon graduation from college, Stephen combined his blood lust and creative desires by taking a job as a scientific illustrator.  After drawing cadavers for three years, he fled the lab for a position at McGraw-Hill where he illustrated college-level biology textbooks.  From there, in an attempt to broaden his horizons into more emotive forms of illustration, Stephen freelanced for record labels, lifestyle brands, and magazines, before landing his current gig at Zoo York last year.

Established in 2004 by designer Jules Kim, Bijules NYC is an internationally celebrated collection of jewelry and accessories that speaks to worldly trend-setters who embrace a deep sense of individual style and attitude.  Located in Chinatown, Jules places strong emphasis on the importance of self-expression, and her provocative designs reflect American propaganda surrounding the empowerment of women, the innocence of youth, and the dark humor of adulthood.  Regularly featured in leading print and broadcast media outlets, Bijules pieces are worn by some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry including MF Doom, Santogold, Spank Rock, MIA, Eve, Rihanna, Gwen Stefani, and many others.

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