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Skatebook and milk milk - Sittin' In A Tree!

October 8, 2008

Skatebook and milk milk - Sittin' In A Tree!

Announcing the alliance of Skatebook and milk milk, newly joining forces as strategic partners. milk milk, a marketing collective, will immediately head up Skatebook advertising, sponsorships and business development.
Skateboarding industry veterans, ex-pro Salman Agah and photographer Mike Ballard, launched Skatebook in 2007 -- a 350+ page series of coffee table books filled with iconic content and preeminent design. For Agah and Ballard, it's a labor of love that pays homage to the heroes and anti-heroes (both those in front of and behind the lens) who made skateboarding what it is today. Skatebook immortalizes skaters, photographers, companies, and industry personalities within its pages. For those of us who were there, Skatebook features the best from the past, while also recognizing the greats of today and providing an unmatched resource for the next generation. Bringing authenticity and credibility back to the skateboard community - it's love, son, not money.

In choosing milk milk as their strategic partner, Agah says "We knew that we could trust milk milk with our long-standing relationships based on their ability to understand, nurture and grow our business - they have a track record of performance that is unsurpassed in our industry. We're delighted to partner with them to handle the lifeblood of our business!"

The Skatebook and milk milk crews are no and sisters in arms (and at times co-workers) dating back to 1993, it is no surprise that we share a like-minded ideology. Like Skatebook, milk milk works only with people, products & services we respect and are inspired by. We thrive on connecting people and giving voice to those we believe in. We are excited to partner with our good friends at Skatebook on such an amazing and unprecedented project.

Skatebook and milk milk consummate their love through mutual ideals - we don't pander to the masses or let red tape get in our way. We do what we love and give life to the legit. Skatebook is a new kind of history book, a definitive documentation of our culture - the encyclopedia of skateboarding's past, present and future.