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Swobo Launches New Bike Site GuysWhoCutTheirOwnHair.COM

October 22, 2008

Swobo Launches New Bike Site GuysWhoCutTheirOwnHair.COM

Swobo has launched a new site dedicated solely to the emerging track bike fetish. The site can be found at and will scan the globe to bring visitors the constant variety of everything fixed. The new site will be monitored and authored by several interesting folks from around the country, and will then move on to authors in Japan, UK, Germany, Australia, and the Republic of San Francisco.

Julie Benedetto, Prolly, Kevin Sparrow, and Stevil Kinevil will begin sweeping up what's happening across the country, and updating the new site on a daily basis. The track bike scene is growing in some unsuspecting corners of the globe, and hopes to capture an up to date snapshot of everything fixed gear from those nooks and crannies. This initial team of authors has had extensive experience, and knowledge surrounding the new scene, and Swobo is stoked to have them on board. Julie Benedetto from Brooklyn, USA, one of the site's authors, added, " I've really enjoyed seeing this track bike scene blow up (in a good way), and when Swobo asked if I wanted to play along, I jumped on it. New York City has a lot going on right now.... Prolly is also from NYC, so we'll have it covered the best we can from our point of view."

Swobo's founder, El Corpo, noted "We wanted to create a site that was authored and managed by people and ideas that fall well outside of the traditional bike industry. This particular urban bike enthusiasm (the track bike scene) is pure, and is being "born" by anonymous kids across the country and beyond. Nothing could be healthier, or more real, so we wanted to create a place where people could post ideas and the progression of what's happening right now." El Corpo also went on to add...this is something we've been waiting for, for a really, really long time. We're just happy to be here to witness it."

Swobo began in 1992 with the core mission to change the way people and culture view the bicycle. 16 years ago the company started with an progressive assortment of sportswear, and has since grown the brand to include a line of urban bikes in 2006, which includes the Sanchez, a steel fixed gear. is also looking for other enthusiastic contributors to add their track bike radar and inputs to our portion of Al Gore's World Wide Web. Anyone who is interested can contact for a hair test.