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Surf Expo partners with the Action Sports Environmental Coalition

November 25, 2008

Surf Expo partners with the Action Sports Environmental Coalition
ASEC’s Green Room to premiere on Surf Expo show floor in January

The Action Sports Environmental Coalition has built a strong foundation in the action sports community and has educated participants at events all over the world. Now they are traveling to Orlando to help Surf Expo unite its exhibitors as a community which will offer 100% environmentally sustainable products to thousands of retailers.

ASEC, led by Executive Director Frank Scura, showcases the environmental efforts of our industry to inspire, educate and empower people to make informed conscious decisions that will change our world. “In the Green room, Surf Expo attendees will see the most influential brands in the world coming together for a common goal of enhancing our world through better business decisions,” says Scura.

Surf Expo has dedicated a section of floor space to the cause. “At Surf Expo we realize that there is a natural connection between eco friendly products, our customers and the lifestyles they represent,” says Show Director Roy Turner. ”Green Products are an opportunity for specialty retailers to differentiate themselves from other merchants that sell lifestyle products, by showing community/global support to protecting the environment. What a better place to showcase the efforts at the exhibitor level and give retailers the opportunity to fill their shelves with viable progressive environmentally friendly alternatives.”

The heart of the Green Room includes a retail shop-themed display of merchandise from participating Surf Expo exhibitors, a sampling of natural foods products who support the action sports industry and a plethora of information on how manufacturers and retailers can increase their sustainability. Surrounding the Green Room itself will be a community of Surf Expo exhibitors from all sections of the show who offer ASEC-approved environmentally sustainable products. ASEC will also be holding a panel discussion of industry executives during the show.

Current Surf Expo exhibitors may inquire about this bonus exhibit space, which is available for a fee well offset by the value of this project. 100% of the proceeds from this fee will be donated to ASEC.

Says Scura, “If you are involved with a brand we want to inspire you to integrate the environment into your decision making process and provide you with business solutions that will empower you to succeed. If you are just hangin’ out, we want you to have a great time, check out some really cool stuff and tell your friend about it.”

For more information about the Action Sports Environmental Coalition, go to To inquire about participating in the ASEC Green Room at Surf Expo, contact Frank Scura at or at 707.829.2682. For more info about what else Surf Expo has in store for its January show, go to