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Seehafer to present ASR seminar for Specialty Retailers!

December 2, 2008

Seehafer to present ASR seminar for Specialty Retailers!

Dave Seehafer from Global Wave Ventures, in conjunction with Board Retailers Association, will present a seminar for specialty retailers entitled "Introduction to Inventory Management & Open-To-Buy" at the upcoming ASR trade show in San Diego, Calif., on Thursday, January 22, 2009, 3pm, Room 32 A/B.

Seminar intro:

TOO MUCH INVENTORY is the challenge for many of today's specialty retailers.  Discuss the basics of inventory management and open-to-buy at this informative seminar from an action sports industry veteran!  Review the principles of category allocation, "ideal" inventory levels, product sell-through, and monthly reorders in order to increase product turnover AND net profitability.

*** MARK YOUR CALENDAR--Thursday, 1/22/09, 3pm, Room 32 A/B ***

About the speaker:

Dave Seehafer is an action sports industry veteran and analyst for Global Wave Ventures, a San Clemente, CA- and Jacksonville Beach, FL-based business management, leadership, and consulting firm for specialty retailers, manufacturers, and brands.  Seehafer also produces the annual Boards & Waves Expo, "a consumer expo for surfers," on the East Coast. | 949-466-4110

About Board Retailers Association:

The Board Retailers Association (BRA) is the board sport industry's preeminent voice for independent retailers.  BRA gives Board Sport Retailers - surfboard, skateboard, snowboard, and wakeboard - a cohesive voice on a grassroots level with manufacturers, trade show representatives, and other associations. | 910-509-0109