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Surf Expo Announces Good Times at Show

December 10, 2008

Surf Expo Announces Good Times at Show

Surf Expo has always been committed to offering a top-of-the-line experience to its skate-related attendees. After many successful and certainly memorable mini-ramp contests assembled by Team Pain, Volcom and Skate Park of Tampa, Surf Expo is proud to announce a brand new skate experience that is open to all Surf Expo attendees to experience – Skate Art.

As Team Pain founder Tim Payne says, “The relationship between Team Pain and Surf Expo has provided a successful skate experience for many past shows, bringing in professional and amateur skaters from around the world. Team Pain is proud to premiere this highly anticipated concept at Surf Expo.”

Skate Art is another example of how Team Pain continues to lead the way in innovating street course design with this latest, cutting-edge skate environment in skateboarding today. This highly anticipated concept is an interactive art installation of abstract skate features mimicking elements found in the most cherished urban skate spots around the world—made to be skated on. Like all of Team Pain’s structures, the concrete and steel Skate Art installation is custom handcrafted to ensure the best skate experience. Anyone can skate it (responsibly) during the posted open session times.

Of course, the best place to watch all this skate action will be at Hensley's Flying Elephant Pub & Grill. That's right, Surf Expo is bringing this famous West Coast watering hole to the floors of the skate section. Stop by and meet Flying Elephant owner and legendary skate pro Matt Hensley, back fresh from the European leg of the Flogging Molly tour. Grab a beer. Throw some darts. Soak in the ambiance as skaters hit the street course just outside the bar's windows. It's only at Surf Expo..

Surf Expo Skate Account Manager Doog Becker is excited at the prospect of opening the skate event area up for more attendee participation, both retailer and exhibitor. “We wanted to do something different, but still fun & entertaining. Tim’s new skateable art sculptures are  not just another amazing skate feature to view, its something all the attendees can use. Plus, bringing Hensley’s bar to Orlando has got lots of people buzzing.”

Attendees looking for a break from the order-writing can also look forward to some band performances outside in the Beer Garden, several live art exhibits, free beer on us in the lobby every day after the show, and a Surf Expo-sponsored weekend bash at Adobe Gila’s.

Exhibitors are invited to donate product for an impromptu casual skate event on Thursday and Friday afternoons to be hosted by Team Pain.

Space in the Skate Area and Time slots for exhibitor-sponsored events are still available. To inquire about sponsoring an event in the skate area, or to obtain your own booth, contact Doog Becker at or 678.781.7958.