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REM Restructures to Meet Expanding Markets and Sales Increases Emphasis on Brand Management

December 15, 2008

REM Restructures to Meet Expanding Markets and Sales Increases Emphasis on Brand Management
Trish Navidzadeh hired as Brand Manager, Converse

REM Eyewear, the global licensee for Converse Eyewear, announces the hire of Trisha Navidzadeh as Brand Manager, Converse.  Bringing over ten years of experience in the surf, skate, snow and lifestyle industry focused on footwear, accessories, apparel and hard goods, Ms. Navidzadeh’s addition to the marketing team will provide additional leadership for Converse brand efforts both internationally and domestically.

In this new position, Navidzadeh will serve as the Brand Champion for Converse focused on global brand strategies, brand initiatives and sales in the non optical alternative retail markets. Navidzadeh recently achieved exceptional success with EMU Australia re-energizing the branding efforts through a skillful distribution platform resulting in 1200% sales increase in less than two years.  “Trisha has built sales teams within the alternative retail channel and executed grass roots marketing strategies. Her expertise on this unique market makes her an important asset to REM and the Converse brand,” says Mike Hundert, President and CEO, REM Eyewear.

Driven by worldwide sales increases, REM, is restructuring the Marketing Department to provide stronger and more fully integrated branding efforts to the increasing customer base.  This effort is part of a company wide initiative to provide a superior customer experience across all disciplines; customer service, product development and marketing.  Michael Ross, VP Marketing, will oversee the expanded roles introduced within this new structure.  The department reorganization is according to Ross, “designed to fine tune the vital relationship between sales, marketing and product.”