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FEW NEW ZEALAND Re-Launches Website

February 10, 2009

FEW NEW ZEALAND Re-Launches Website at WWW.FEW.CO.NZ
Product, Culture and Kiwi Slang Highlighted

FEW New Zealand is kicking off the New Year with a fresh new website.  The re-designed site features a FEW e-commerce store, the season's current men's and women's collection and a good dose of Kiwi culture.  The design layout, graphics and user interface have given the FEW site a fresh, new vibe. 

Once users arrive on the home page, they're greeted by one of many beautiful landscape images of New Zealand.  Users have an option of choosing from six separate tabs to explore different pages of the site. 

When users click on the 'collection' tab they're taken to the current season's apparel collection.  From there they're able to choose "warm" and "cool" looks for lads and ladies.  It's a great spot to find styling tips for any favorite FEW pieces, not to mention there are some good looking models featured.

The 'rubbish' tab takes users to a page where they can learn about what's going on in the wonderful world of FEW.  The page features sponsored athletes, bands and recent editorial spreads featuring FEW items. 

By clicking on the 'about' tab users will get an insight into New Zealand culture with what FEW calls "Kiwispeak."  Kiwispeak allows users to peruse the slang used in New Zealand and explains the context in which to use it. The 'about' tab also displays a roster of retailers that sell FEW products.

Should the user see any products they want to purchase in the 'collection' section of the site, the 'store' tab should be their next click.  It will take users directly to the FEW e-commerce store where they will find product for purchase, all of which ships for free within the U.S.

To learn more about FEW New Zealand check out the re-launched site at