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Forum Snowboards & Cobra Dogs Partner Up for 2009/10

April 15, 2009

Forum Snowboards & Cobra Dogs Partner Up for 2009/10 Season and Attempt the World’s First Virtual Handshake

Forum Snowboards and Cobra Dogs have sealed a deal for the next year that involves snowboarding, having fun, eating food, and secret magic. Like an "all beef Boa" in a bun, this perfect match has been cooking for some time. Both groups are prepping for a strong Mt. Hood showing this summer where Cobra Dogs may unveil a secret new wiener that will potentially be the best hot dog in all of Government Camp. At the same time, Forum will be unveiling all sorts of new fun for campers to ride including Chilly Dog Continuous Reverse Camber available on several board models, as well as the all-new Shaka binding which naturally comes with a side of good vibes.

To commemorate such a momentous occasion and solidify this serious business deal, Forum and Cobra Dogs attempted the world’s first virtual handshake. “This is a big day for us at Forum and a very serious business contract,” states Forum Brand Manager David Friend. “Serious things like this require handshakes, so I put my best pants on and moved in for a virtual handshake with Mr. Grove.”

“It is very serious, but I didn't go as far as David to put pants on,” says Cobra Dogs owner Cory Grove. “We soon realized that a virtual handshake wasn’t possible, but that didn’t affect the serious nature or the size of the deal we put together. This is a really big deal, cobra style.”
Friend continues, “Then someone in sales who is really smart when it comes to business deals suggested we do a virtual high-five instead of a handshake to signify our business deal and partnership. After that, it was sealed forever in the pages of time. Forever.”

“Then we went for the virtual fist bump,” Grove adds. “It's the industry standard.”

Forum’s new Chilly Dog continuous reverse camber is delicious, smooth and flowy with perfect snap … just like a Cobra Dog wiener. Don’t miss the goodness this summer at Hood!

To stay on top of the latest Forum and Cobra Dogs happenings, check out the respective blogs at and All Forum Chilly Dog boards will be available for viewing this summer at