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SoCal Action Sports Network Meet Up

June 12, 2009

SoCal Action Sports Network Meet Up
June 17th Meet Up Less than 1 Week Away

Our keynote is Rick Calvert, founder of Blogworld Expo, an annual gathering of thousands of bloggers in Las Vegas and mecca for blogging influencers across various industries. Rick is going to take us to school on blogging. Does your brand have a blog? Should it have one? Do you have a personal blog? Should you just write or is adding video better? How do you decide whether your brand should have a blog? How do you monetize? These might be some key questions to ask Rick in our Q&A session.

You might have noticed a common thread that has run through every event so far is new media. New media, especially social media and the explosion and transformation of the social web affects us all. Yes I am biased since I'm professionally involved in the web and social media. But in my time working with brands inside and out of our industry, I've seen the need for most brands to get way more up to speed on this and have the opportunity to learn from experts. That's why I've gone to great lengths to bring in some of the rock stars of this space like David M. Scott, Chris Brogan and now Rick Calvert. This is one you don't want to miss.

We have an amazing line up for you next Wednesday June 17th: Rick Calvert, bigMETHOD, and The BozBros., and pro motorsports athletes Eric and Ben Bostrom. In addition to Action Sports brands which make up our core, you will notice we've welcomed in other relevant brands that share the same demographic to our community. Brands from Automotive & Motorsports like Ford, Toyota, Honda and Yamaha.

We now have members from Consumer Electronics & Games such as Activision, EA, Sony, and Panasonic. You'll find key people who run brands in Food & Beverage, Music & Entertainment as well as Retailers. Why have we done this? The answer is because it expands the opportunities for everyone without selling out. Helping people be more successful and prosper is the underlying purpose of our community. We have had a great response so far; please come if you can. I promise it will be well worth your time.

See you next Wednesday June 17th at 6:30 pm!



Renaissance Club Sport, Aliso Viejo
50 Enterprise Dr. Aliso Viejo CA.

When: 6:30-9:00 pm.


Here's a peek at some of our guest speakers: bigMETHOD (Digital/Social Media Agency for motorsports, music & entertainment and other big brands), The BozBros., professional Motorsports athletes #155 Ben & #32 Eric Bostrom, and keynote speaker Rick Calvert, social media expert, Founder and CEO of Blogworld.

Who: You and guest(s).