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SNOW: Trevor Jacob Takes 1st at Mountain High's $25,000 Cholula Triple Air

February 23, 2010

Trevor Jacob Takes 1st at Mountain High's $25,000 Cholula Triple Air

The $25,000 Cholula Triple Air returned to Mountain High for its 12th straight year and Trevor Jacob put on a “saucy” display, impressing the judges with his 900s and switch variations.  Competitors included names like Ian Thorley and Tyler Flanagan, and the start list was filled with riders from as far away as Colorado, Vermont, and even Norway.

The event took place at Mountain High’s East Resort with a modified set up that consisted of two launch jibs, a 50 foot step down, and a ginormous hip that was throwing riders 20 feet in the air.  This was a change from the traditional “three-jump” set up but competitors found the course challenging and fun.  Riders were easily sticking one or two of the features but only the top competitors were able to nail all three cleanly.  In the end it became a battle for first between Trevor Jacob and, last year’s winner, Daniel Toumarkine, with Jacob coming out on top.  Trevor received $10,000 in cash, a giant bottle of Cholula, and enough Monster to keep him riding until next year’s event.

In the Women’s division, Stacie Anderson from Lake Tahoe successfully defended her 2009 Triple Air title, edging out Mountain High team rider, Nirvana Ortanez.  And Lars Ellington from Mt Baldy took top billing in the skiers division by wowing the judges with his huge 1080s and enormous airs over the bottom hip.

Says John McColly, Director of Marketing, “This is actually the 2nd time we’ve held the Triple Air at East.  The last time was maybe 10 years ago when Neal Drake from Big Bear won.  We all agree the East Resort is the better venue from both the competitor and spectator aspect, but it took a snow year like this one to make it a reality.”

The Triple Air has become a staple at Mountain High with its amazing aerial displays and this year was no different.  Special thanks goes to Cholula who is already talking about increasing next year’s prize purse, and presenting sponsors, Monster Energy and Powder & Sun Ride Shops.  For more information on Vans or Mountain High, please contact John McColly, Director of Marketing, at (760) 316-7830 or                   


Open Mens
1st Trevor Jacob
2nd Daniel Toumarkine
3rdTyler Anderson
4th Cory Wetstone
5th Brandon Concard
6th Mark Reininga
7th Spencer Link
8th Everett Long
9th Chris Hagerty
10th Nicholas Sibayan
11th Nicholas Weiss
12th Taylor Carlton
13th Tyler Flanagan
14th Garrett Warnick
15th Cody Weselis
16th Kile Lopiccolo

Open Women
1st Stacie Anderson
2nd Nirvana Ortanez
3rd Isabelle Lalive
4th Micki Slchta
5th Jamie Madrid

Open Skier
1st Lars Ellington
2nd Jeff Johnson
3rd Robby Burleson
4th Chase Vance
5th Charlie Ellington
6th Mike Gonzales
Best Trick
Lars Ellington