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March 5, 2010

Office Booyz Industry Contest...THE Best Lunch Break EVER!

If you were there and had a wicked fun time, add your comments at the bottom of this page.  And if you have pic’s, send them to us and we’ll add ‘em to the slide show (!

Returning in its third year of glory, Office Booyz has officially achieved “O.B.LYMPIC” status!  That’s right.  Most people train their entire lives to become Olympians, yet it only took three years for all the Office Booyz and Gurlz in the action sports industry to solidify their stance as O.B.LYMPIANs.

This year’s event was highlighted with an iconic course construction made by none other than Clayton Shoemaker and his crew of esteemed park builders at Bear Mountain.  As always, the course was sprinkled with office obstacles, which would later be used as markers for the Office Booyz relay race, officially known as the O.B.LYMPIC Decathlon.

Hundreds of action sports employees were treated to an amazing weekend of free riding, courtesy of Bear Mountain.  The weekend kicked off with the world-renowned Office Booyz Industry Contest Saturday morning.  Once the contestants gassed out and the Office Booyz award ceremony came to an end, The Boardroom was shut down shortly after to make way for Bear’s 20 Years of Park Development Celebration, which was a hell of a good time.  After the party-goers stumbled back to their villas, they prepared for a great night’s rest.  Little did they know, Karl Fuhre of IS Eyewear, aka “The Godfather” of Office Booyz, would send a good luck charm their way the following day.

“I can’t make it to O.B. this year, but I’ll do you guys a favor...” said Fuhre in a phone conversation before the event.  “I’ll send you all the snow I’ve been hiding from the Vancouver Olympics.”  And sure enough, K-Man delivered.  In Office Booyz tradition, it snowed on the contest site all day.  But that did not slow people down, not one bit at all.

* Slideshow Tips: scroll over player and click "Full Screen" mode, then click "Show Info" for captions highlighting the winners names, prizes, etc.

After several rounds of coffee, donuts and beer, the contest kicked off after a delayed start due to inclement weather sent from Vancouver the day before.  First up was the Quasi Gig Air, an obstacle perfect to loosen up those office legs and shake the donuts loose.  Everyone hit the quasi big air with bullfighter bravado.  This year, it was big enough for people to throw down tricks such as a mini 900, corked frontside and backside 3’s and 5’s, an office gap transfer (done by only one person), triple poke indies, wicked straight airs, front flips, back flips, and an unbelievable feat accomplished by the Vans decathlon team.  The fellas from Vans had two of the crew set up shop on both sides of the Quasi Big Air, proceeded to shoot down their teammates with high velocity Nerf Gun ammunition as they soared through the air, and all of this was done with spandex outfits while snowboarding with ski poles.  Athletic prowess such as this is ONLY unveiled at Office Booyz events.  COFFEE IS WEARING OFF...NEED A RECHARGE.....AHHHH...that’s better!

From the Quasi Big Air, the contest moved on to the Pencil Pusher.  This obstacle was a 300 pound, homemade #2 pencil built to be destroyed, and destroyed it was!  With no sharpener of adequate magnitude in sight, the Office Booyz raged onward with furry and sharpened the Pencil Pusher with their boards, erasing the stress from the previous work week with an assault of tricks, jibs and slams.  Goug’, aka “Chris Gougeon” from Drop gloves, whipped out all the stops with stylie pencil shaves to backside 180s and various other jib-jams.  However, when it came down to it, Roger Yu from Ellis Snowboards stole the glory.

Next on the hit list was the Memo Masher, an obstacle resembling a giant memo pad, but made for mannys, nose presses, front flips, face dives, et cetera.  With nothing held back, clean lines were laid down, and extraordinarily unique lines were made.  Though pens big enough to write on this memo pad don’t exist, Chris from Elm rode his own story with a wall ride hit from the bottom.  Tanya Otero, Omatic Snowboards’ marketing manager, also used the side of the pad as a quarter, which left you saying, “How the hell did she do that?!”  Freedom Fisher of Attic Skate Shop in Costa Mesa, Calif., destroyed the computer monitors at the base of the pad, and many a person threw down buttery moves that would make Jussi proud.

The second half of the event kicked off with the Donuts & Jam and Demolition Man obstacles in which riders boarded up the desk ramp, launched over a tire spray painted like a donut, while bonking computer monitors and coffee machines on the way up and over the top.  It was about time to move on when Billy Bittner, a.k.a. “The Giant Wheaties Box,” attempted a quasi-big-air to Demolition Man transfer bonk and took out the entire obstacle.  He got up laughing and ready for more.  Again, amazing things happened on this obstacle!  You’ll have to check the pictures to see exactly what went down.

* Slideshow Tips: scroll over play and click "Full Screen" mode, then click "Show Info" for captions highlighting the winners names, prizes, etc. also has a ton of great photos as well.  This is the link, so you should probably click it!

Individual competition rounded out with the Hippy Jump/High Ollie Comp’.  The Hakker Bro’s from Ashbury weren’t on hand to get knocked out this year (like they did last year), and all OB’ers made it through the event safely – thanks to the OB Gods.  It ended in a 4-way tie which was settled the old-fashioned Office Booyz way - rock, paper, scissors.  When it came down to the end, Scott from Arbor, aka “Helmet Guy,” took out Josh Rodgers from Volcom in a best-out-of-three battle – an O.B.LYMPIC champion was born!

Office Booyz concluded with the first ever O.B.LYMPIC Decathlon relay race in which five teams of four competed for gold, silver and bronze.  Thanks to the brilliant ideas of Seumas Santoro, aka “Golden Voice” from Podium, the relay race kicked off with a hot dog eating contest for the first and second legs of the race.

First, the contestants started off at the base of the Memo Masher obstacle, where they had to pound a hot dog before racing to tag their teammate at the second leg of the race.  Their teammates at the second leg had to do the same, except this leg was the steepest uphill slush
run of the race; it’s amazing no one puked – seriously.  Once the second-legers made it to the top of the hill, they tagged their third teammate who was strapped in and ready to race around the full perimeter of the Office Booyz arena.

Once the boarder cross ensued, the Office Booyz powered through the bumpy Office Cross course to the anchor leg (the fourth and final leg of the race) where they had to tag their team member who was dressed as a giant cardboard coffee cup.  The best part about the final leg was that defense was completely legit.  Just imagine five grown men dressed as coffee cups trying to block their opponents from getting anywhere near the finish line – freaking hilarious.  Once the mugs broke loose, the contestants raced to the finish line in a mad caffeinated sprint where they collided like a one-yard touchdown pile driver over the perimeter fence.  In the end, Team Arbor ended up taking the victory.

Office Booyz was followed by an intense award ceremony.  All were on edge to see who would win what, and for what odd reason!  Check out the photos of the winners and prizes won in the awards slideshow.  After the ceremony, Bear Mountain hosted its ‘20 Years of Park Development Party’ as a tribute to the mountain’s dedication to snowboarding.  The party was packed, drinks and food were flowing, and people were getting jiggy on the dance floor.  Highlights of the party included a great raffle to benefit Boarding for Breast Cancer (B4BC), Paavo getting the boot for drinking too much and Ricky saving his ass, and the FUEL TV crew taking home the three hottest chicks at the party.

Well Office Booyz and Gurlz, it was a magnificent event and we’re glad you all made it out.  Make sure to add some comments below on how we can this event better the next time around, and any other random who-haw you want to throw our way.

Once again, we’d like to thank all those who helped make Office Booyz a reality for yet another year!
• Bear Mountain: Rio Tanbara, Mindy Clark & Clayton Shoemaker
• IS Eyewear/Party Snake: Karl Fuhre for creating Office Booyz
• 686: Mike West, Kristin Cusic
• INK FX Screen Printing: Mike Machrone for printing our OB tees
• Alstyle Apparel: Todd Profitt for hooking up the tees
• Jo Show Promotions: Joanna Morse for dialing in the OB Mugs and coozies
• Fuel TV: John Stouffer and YuLin Olliver for all their support
• Vans: Jared Bevens & Crew for kicking down a righteous Vans Fender Stratocaster for a prize
• Omatic Snowboards: Tanya Otero for hooking up one guy and girl with a snowboard
• Meridian Graphics: Eric Phillips, aka “Amper,” for giving away $100 in Double Doubles from In-N-Out
• Volcom: Flo’ Gierman, Joey Lemonier, Richard Olivares, Josh Rodgers & crew for a fat prize box
• Drop MFG: Chris Gougeon, aka “Goug',” for dialing in some sick gloves and goggles for prizes.
• Spy Optics: Valerie Gee for hooking up some sick Spy Gogg’s
• Spin Imaging: Eric Bond for printing the OB Award Certificates
• Propaganda HQ: Kim Desai and Ty Smith for kicking arse and supporting us Office Booyz
• Jägermeister: Adam Grayer, Rick Zeiler & Steve Puente for donating twin decks, which the Hager twins won, along with all the Jager we could handle.
• Boarding for Breast Cancer (B4BC): Blair Young for havin’ a blast and raising money for a worthy cause.
• Wahoos, EFFEN Vodka & Red Bull: for providing the liquor, food and drinks at Bear’s party

That’s all folks.  See you at the next one!