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EMP: Transworld Media Announces Josh Brooks as New Associate Editor for Transworld Skateboarding

March 5, 2010

Transworld Media Announces Josh Brooks as New Associate Editor for Transworld Skateboarding

TransWorld Media is proud to announce the addition of Josh Brooks as associate editor to the TransWorld SKATEboarding edit team. Prior to assuming this role, Brooks acted as a writer, blogger and correspondent for the ESPN skate site and was published in Thrasher, Skateboarder and other publications.
“It’s gone through many changes, but TransWorld SKATEboarding—started in 1983—has had a long history in skateboarding,” said Brooks. “It has always covered all facets of skating and has a lineage of iconic photographers and videos, like Feedback, Sight Unseen, In Bloom and Free Your Mind, among others. I’m honored to work with Skin Phillips, Ben Kelly and the rest of the edit crew to carry on that history, bring a new perspective to the amazing skate photos in the mag and improve the content on the web.”
Brooks will work with skaters, contributors and advertisers as one of the faces of TransWorld SKATEboarding and will help write in print and digital, contributing to the overall creative direction of the mag. He will also shoot photos and video of skate-related events and assist in planning contests and events for the magazine. Brooks reports to Ben Kelly, Editor, TransWorld SKATEboarding.
“Brooks is a valuable addition to the edit team as we strive to take the magazine to a new level by providing quality content and photography that inspire skateboarders to push their limits,” said Phillips, Editor-in-Chief. “Not only does he have the drive and vision, but he has the skateboarding talent to back it up.”
Born in Baltimore, Maryland, raised in Madison, Wisconsin and now a resident of Long Beach, Brooks has always been an avid skater, involved in the skate scenes of Boulder, Colorado, Madison, Wisconsin and Santiago, Chile (while studying abroad for a year). 
He graduated from the University of Colorado with a BA in Biology, with a focus on pre-med. After working for nearly two years doing experiments on nicotinic pathways in mice and their associations with Parkinson’s disease in humans, Brooks headed west to assist in producing the cancer drug Avastin. During that time he started writing for skate publications and since then has come full circle to his true passion, skateboarding and writing.