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EMP: Spyder Realigns Sales Department, Promotes Ellen Welley to Director of US Sales

July 12, 2010

Spyder Realigns Sales Department, Promotes Ellen Welley to Director of US Sales

In a move designed to promote streamlined communication and ultimate dealer service, Spyder has promoted Ellen Welley to Director of US Sales and is realigning internal sales department positions. In her new role, Welley will oversee all US accounts and manage all US based sales representatives. Under Welley is a fleet of support positions, including sales analyst, tech rep, plus national and sales coordinator posts. Each new position in the hierarchy is calculated for better dealer response, account reporting, and rep support.

Welley has been with the iconic brand for nine years, previously serving as Director of National Accounts. "These are exciting times at Spyder. In the year that Tom McGann has been here, he has brought in amazing talent to every department. Each day is an adventure and we are excited to share our brand direction with all of our retailers. I am very proud to be a part of this team," said Welley.

Welley reports to vice president of sales and marketing, Russ Rowan. “Ellen has been in the industry on both sides of the table, and knows how to best serve our dealers and support our reps. This strategic move is the pinnacle starting point with our overall goal making Spyder the most efficient and effective in our ever-important dealer relationships,” Rowan commented.

Welley will also serve as sales liaison at the company’s new Denver, New York, and Toronto showrooms, set to open in Fall 2010, where product presentations, seasonal brand launches and specialty events will be showcased.