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New Cable Wakeboarding Complex

August 30, 2010

New Cable Wakeboarding Complex - Wake Nation Houston

A unique, new cable wakeboarding complex is set to open its doors in spring 2011 in Houston.

The new family attraction will be called Wake Nation Houston and it is a cable wakeboarding park where riders can wakeboard, water ski and kneeboard WITHOUT A BOAT! At Wake Nation Houston we have eliminated a rider’s need for a boat by constructing an overhead cable system capable of towing up to 8 riders around our lake at speeds of 18-20 mph through a course of custom built jumps, grind rails and sliders.

Plans for the new water-sports complex, which will be located near Pearland, were announced today by Peter Kennedy, who is a partner in a similar cable wakeboarding park in Cincinnati, Ohio. Construction on the new Houston water-sports park will begin immediately with an anticipated opening in Spring, 2011.

“We are very excited about bringing the area’s only full-scale cable wakeboarding park to Houston,” Kennedy said, “and we look forward to joining the many great family attractions this area already has to offer.”

“Wakeboarding is the country's fastest growing water sport,” said Mike Olson, Director of Business Development for the Wake Nation brand. “The cable system approach to wakeboarding and water skiing is particularly attractive to those without access to their own boats.” Since riders are pulled around the lake by an overhead cable system, there is no need for loud and often polluting motor boats, he added. Currently, there are only 10 full-scale cable wakeboarding parks in the U.S.

Wake Nation Houston will be located in Rosharon, near Pearland, south of the Sam Houston Parkway, 20 minutes from downtown Houston.

“Wake Nation Houston is being designed to provide the ultimate rider experience to both first timers and experienced boarders,” says Kennedy. “Beginners love that wakeboarding is fun, easy to learn, and allows everyone to progress at their own pace. Advanced riders love cable parks because of the unique opportunity to hit the many grind rails, ramps and floating jumps that are rarely accessible to those who ride behind boats.” Riders are welcome to bring their own gear to the park, or they can rent their equipment from us. The rental shop will include wakeboards, water-ski’s, kneeboards, helmets, life vests and wet suits all at reasonable pricing.

All riders must be at least 5 years of age and are required to wear a Coast Guard Approved (CGA) life vest and helmet.

Wake Nation Houston will be a “pay-as-you-play” facility. Parking and admission to the water sports complex will be FREE, including access to a large outdoor observation deck that offers a panoramic view of the entire lake area. Riders will pay only for “water time,” typically around $25 for two hours. The Wake Nation complex will also have a full pro shop, concessions area and numerous other services and amenities. Wake Nation will offer special group rates and several season pass options.

Wake Nation Cincinnati opened in May 2009 to rave reviews from the local community as well as professional wakeboarders worldwide. The venue has already hosted several nationally sanctioned tournaments, won several “best of” awards and this past June set a Guinness World Record for longest distance traveled on a wakeboard in a 24-hour period.

For more information, call (513) 887-WAKE  or email Website: