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EVENT: 686 Reclaim Design Contest

December 24, 2010

EVENT: Project Reclaim Design Contest

Have you always dreamed about becoming an outerwear designer?  Have you wanted to work in the snowboarding industry since the first time you strapped on your bindings?  Well, step right up, because the SIA Snow Show, 686 and are hosting The RECLAIM PROJECT, an environmental design contest for emerging outerwear designers. 

This contest will give three designers the opportunity to make an original outerwear garment from reclaimed materials, trims, and left over items from the 686 production facility. The contest will begin the opening morning of the SIA Snow Show, Thursday, January 27 but first, we have to find THREE qualified designers who can come show their stuff on the show floor.  

So, the big questions is, do you think you have what it takes to be one of the THREE finalists? If you think you can handle the pressure and have ideas bursting from your dome, all you have to do is send us your best idea for a jacket design. 

We’re not talking about a crayon drawing or a stick figure.  We’re talking about a legit design that you’ve thought about for years while riding the lift or sitting behind a desk.  We want to be able to see your inspiration and passion for design and outerwear.  Make it techy, make it innovative, make it cute, but make it YOURS. 
Show us what you’ve got.   If you’re chosen as one of the THREE Finalists, you’ll be flown to Denver, Colorado from January 26 – January 30 to create your own masterpiece using RECLAIMED 686 trims, fabrics and materials.  We’ll supply the sewing machines and all you need. 

Ready, set, DESIGN!  

Submit your entry to NO LATER THAN JANUARY 7, 2011!!!!!!!!!!!!  Attachments will be accepted and a jacket CAD is available for those who need it.  Please email to have one sent to you. 

Winners of the online contest that are chosen to compete in Denver will receive their materials and have three days to complete their garment in their workstation at the RECLAIM booth. The winner will be announced Saturday, January 29 at 5 p.m. The winning garment will be made by 686 and be featured as a part of the 686 RECLAIM Collection for 2012.

More details can be found here: