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B$Z: Collective Licensing International to license skate decks and wheels

May 17, 2011

Collective Licensing International and Select Distribution Announce Licensing Agreement for Sims Skateboards, Hardgoods
Select Distribution Launches Sims Skateboards Worldwide, Expanding the Brand’s Global Presence

Collective Licensing International (CLI) announced a new three-year agreement with Select Distribution of Costa Mesa, CA to license skate decks and wheels for the Sims brand worldwide within core skate shop distribution, excluding Canada and Argentina.

Under the design and manufacturing agreement, Select Distribution will initiate and drive the growth of the brand in the international market. Their inaugural collection debuted at retail for Holiday 2010. Select Distribution first worked with Tom Sims from 1984-1990 manufacturing and distributing skateboard products.

“We feel privileged to work with the Sims brand again and are excited about the opportunity Tom Sims and Collective Licensing is providing us,” said Heidi Muckenthaler, general manager for Select Distribution. “The Sims line is a mix of old and new, bringing together original shapes as well as new innovative skateboards.”

Tom Sims, pioneer and world champion of snowboarding, founded the Sims brand in 1976. Tom built his first “skateboard for the snow” in 1963 and has continued to revolutionize the sport of snowboarding for years. His continued involvement and the long history of the brand bring an authenticity that sets Sims apart from others and creates a nostalgic connotation for consumers of all ages. Meshing tradition with progression, Sims competes at the highest level in the industry - whether it be team, product or design.

“Select Distribution has a deep understanding of the consumers, market trends and latest technologies within the skateboard segment,” said Bruce Pettet, President and CEO at Collective Licensing International. “With their proven product development and strong manufacturing and distribution capabilities we’re thrilled to partner with them as a global licensee for skateboards for the Sims brand.