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B$Z: Arnette Goes A.C.E.S. To Keep Your Kit Fresh

March 6, 2012

Arnette Goes A.C.E.S. To Keep Your Kit Fresh

Arnette has always stood for doing things your own way and to have fun doing it – which is why we are excited to introduce the Arnette Creative Exchange System (A.C.E.S.) collection. A.C.E.S. gives you the ability to express yourself by offering interchangeable parts so you can customize your sunglasses to match your style preference whenever you want. A.C.E.S. was born to change the way you look at sunglasses - and how they look on you.

With A.C.E.S., you have the option of keeping your frames stock, changing both arm components at the same time, or alternating colors whenever you want a little style variation. It’s like having multiple shades in one. Some of the A.C.E.S. styles come with interchangeable arms for a full frame transformation, while others have smaller add-ons and inserts for just a little color boost.

Check out a couple videos for more info on how the Arnette Creative Exchange System Works:

Get Creative with A.C.E.S. and Win On Arnette’s Facebook* Page

Arnette is launching a special online promotion exclusively for Arnette Facebook fans. Free to enter, US residents 18 years of age and older can get creative with A.C.E.S. components for the chance to win an Ultimate Arnette Prize Pack, consisting of multiple A.C.E.S. sunglasses, snow goggles, MX goggles and other gear. Enter online at

* This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook.

The A.C.E.S. Overview

The inaugural A.C.E.S. collection consists of four frame styles that our team riders and supporters can’t seem to get enough of, with more to come throughout the year. The A.C.E.S. collection is arriving at Sunglass Hut right now and will be available at key Arnette retail partners beginning in April.

“The concept behind Arnette A.C.E.S. was to be true to the spirit of fun and creativity that have always defined Arnette and at the same time, change the way you look at sunglasses as an expression of your personal style. Anyone that grabs one of these is getting not just one of our best frames, but also the ability to change up the colors whenever they want based on how they feel that day. The A.C.E.S. program offers the best of both worlds, great frames and the colors you want, with the option to dial things up when the mood suits you. This is a completely new approach to how you wear your sunglasses,” commented Joe Freitag, Global Brand Director.

Coming Up A.C.E.S.

Arnette is giving the A.C.E.S. treatment to some of the top frames in their current collection.

The heyday of the Glory Daze are far from gone and we’re reliving them now in the A.C.E.S. format. The Glory Daze A.C.E.S. ($99.95) block the sun with a large square frame and 6-base polycarbonate lenses, connected to your head by streamlined stems that are ready to help you continue living the dream. This is the perfect sunglass for high-profile adventures that will go down as legendary tales. The Glory Daze A.C.E.S. comes in two colorways, one with a Matte Black frame and an extra set of Matte Neon Yellow arm inserts, and one with a Gloss Black Frame, Neon Blue Arms and an extra set of Gloss Clear arm inserts. Professional snowboarder and Arnette Ambassador, Todd Richards, demonstrates how the A.C.E.S. system on the Glory Daze works here:

Introducing the Glory Daze A.C.E.S. from Arnette on Vimeo.

Slick, clean and incognito, the After Party A.C.E.S. ($99.95) is a medium-sized fast wrap with clean lines and toric polycarbonate lens, so your vision is clear during post-red carpet adventures. The After Party A.C.E.S. comes in two A.C.E.S. colors, one Gloss Black with Neon Blue arm inserts, and Gloss Black with both Neon Orange and Neon Yellow arm inserts. Todd demonstrates the A.C.E.S. system on the After Party here:

Introducing the After Party A.C.E.S. from Arnette on Vimeo.

The So Easy A.C.E.S. ($99.95) is a timeless wrap-style frame that pays homage to a certain officer of the law who challenged punks to go ahead and make his day. Fully loaded with design details and 8-base polycarbonate lenses, the So Easy A.C.E.S.  won’t let your eyes giveaway your next move. It comes in Gloss Black with an extra set of Matte Neon Orange arm inserts, and Gloss Black with both Matte Red and Matte Blue arm inserts.

A modern twist on one of Arnette’s most iconic frames, the Swing Plate A.C.E.S.  ($99.95) features fast lines and aggressive styling with a fit that will make you forget you’re even wearing shades. Its flexible nylon frame is feather-light yet durable, with 8-base polycarbonate lenses that come polarized on select colorways. It is available in Gloss Black frame with an extra set of Neon Yellow arm inserts, and Gloss Black with Clear Blue and Clear Aqua arm inserts.